Joe Mulcahy Publisher, Graphic Arts Magazine

View From the Publisher – November 04

I trust you are enjoying the continued re-design of   The Graphic Arts Magazine so it reflects the growing influence and maturity of our readers. As always, your feedback is encouraged and always welcome. Don’t forget to attend Print Ontario 2004, billed as “North America’s Largest Trade Show and Conference for the Not-So-Big Printer” November … Read more →

View From The Publisher – October 04

Your business network is a powerful tool for business development. One of the benefits of publishing a national magazine is the extensive network of business contacts that develops around the publication. This proved its value recently when we brought together a group of industry leaders who provided Graphic Arts Magazine with feedback and criticism of … Read more →

View From The Publisher – September 04

Sometimes life has a way of presenting an almost inexplicable curve which seems so unfair. One such defining moment for me occurred during the 28th Olympic Games when Canadian Perdita Felicien’s dream of a gold medal in the 100-meter hurdles came crashing down on the first hurdle. At a news conference 21 hours after her … Read more →

View From The Publisher

Welcome to the summer of 2004! It’s already had its moments of excitement with the federal election, the intense soccer competition for the European Cup and the momentum that’s building for the Olympic Games in Athens. The results of the recent federal election have changed the political landscape of Canada. With a minority Liberal government, … Read more →

View From The Publisher

Once again Canadians are heading to the polls on June 28th. While we all have an opportunity to exercise our right to vote, only 61% voted in the last federal election. Some feel their vote will not matter however, you may recall that the last US presidential election was decided by a few thousand votes. … Read more →