Joe Mulcahy Publisher, Graphic Arts Magazine

View from the publisher – March 2011

We’re witnessing history. The uprisings in the Arab world continue to spread and at press time, revolts have already spread to Libya. These freedom movements underscore the tremendous influence of social media. recently published a 63-page report that examines Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and other social media that printers should be using to better communicate with current and potential customers. The report also examines websites, e-mail, blogs, podcasts and so on. Visit the website to learn more.

View from the publisher – February 2011

Welcome to a challenging new year and, hopefully, one with more positive news than we had in 2010.

Jeff Ekstein, president and CEO of the Willow Printing Group, co-chair of CPISC, CPIA director and PIA secretary, has a unique perspective of what lies ahead as well as some timely and sound advice in this month’s “For the record” feature. I echo his opinions, especially when it comes to the importance of getting together and becoming more involved in the good work done by our industry organizations. I also strongly agree that you should always insist on a fair price for the quality work you produce.

Publisher’s note: January 2011

While 2010 was a very challenging year for many people, it did end on a positive note. I recently attended the Print World Show in Toronto. The crowds were excellent, especially Saturday and Monday, and I saw plenty of sold signs at booths like Agfa, KBR, Fujifilm, Nustream Graphics, Robert E. Thistle and many other exhibitors. Michael Steele of Sydney Stone was particularly impressed with his sales volume and the new leads he acquired.

Publisher’s note: November 2010

We just returned from Graph Expo in Chicago. It was a very good show with a constant stream of visitors roaming the aisles and plenty of business transactions taking place. Agfa, Xerox, Konica Minolta, HP, Fujifilm, EFI and many others too numerous to mention, launched new products and showcased many innovations.

View from the publisher – October 2010

Members of my staff and I will be at Graph Expo in Chicago October  3–6 meeting with old friends, making new ones, networking and learning all we can about what’s new in the printing and graphic arts industry. So far, we’ve heard some exciting news about new technology, clever marketing initiatives and great deals offered at the show. It never fails to amaze me how innovative companies can be as they adapt to an ever-changing industry landscape.

View from the publisher – September 2010

I’m delighted to announce that Graphic Arts Magazine has successfully completed its initial audit with Canadian Media Circulation. You may notice the Canadian Media Circulation Audit Logo on page 3. This notification has been forwarded to Canadian Advertising Rates & Data (CARD). We would be happy to supply a copy of this audit if anyone is interested.

View from the publisher – July 2010

It’s been a busy summer on many fronts. In one of the biggest takeovers in our industry’s history, Wisconsin-based Quad/Graphics will acquire World Color Press (formerly Quebecor World) of Montreal. The agreement was to be finalized at press time and is still subject to the approval of the Québec Superior Court, but no bumps in the road are expected.

View from the publisher – June 2010

The IPEX Show in Birmingham, England has just concluded and judging from all reports it was a good show with solid attendance. Speaking of trade shows, be sure you mark October 3 – 6, 2010 on your events calendar. That’s when the 2010 edition of GraphExpo will be held once again at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Graphic Arts Magazine will be there, so be sure to drop by our booth.

View from the publisher – May 2010

Congratulations to James Caldwell and all the crew at Total Graphics for having a very entertaining open house at the end of April. Total Graphics is well known for its large-format printing capabilities. With the recent purchase of a FujiFilm Acuity advance flatbed digital printer, they have expanded into the digital printing market. Total also has a new KBA Rapida 162-A press, one of only a few in Canada. We wish every success to the hardworking and dedicated crew at Total Graphics.

View from the publisher – April 2010

With a glimpse of Spring in the air, we can finally say goodbye to Winter. With the change of seasons also comes changes in the industry. It was sad to see the closing of the Demonstration Centre at Heidelberg’s head office in Toronto. These last few years have been about tightening our belts, and prioritizing what to keep and what to let go. The good news is that Heidelberg’s sales and service centres are still operating at full capacity and will now increase focus and investment in its consumables business.

View from the publisher – March 2010

As of press time we are more than half way through the Vancouver Olympics and we have already earned more medals than the total number received in Turin four years ago. We may not own the podium, but we are doing well and moving forward in the right direction. The men’s hockey team played a disappointing battle against team USA, but I wouldn’t count them out just yet. It would be great to see both the men’s and women’s Canadian hockey teams achieve a medal.

View from the publisher – February 2010

A belated Happy New Year to all our readers. Times are not great in our industry, but we’re much better than those living in Haiti. With over 200,000 dead and many more injured, it’s hard to imagine how those in Haiti are coping with that kind of disaster. Even in our tough times, we can still afford to give a prayer or a donation to help these people in their crisis. The interesting dynamic with charity is that when you feel you can’t afford to give – but do – something good always comes of it.