Joanne Gore
Joanne Gore is a B2B marketer who’s passionate about print and has spent the last three decades helping companies maximize their marketing and communications efforts. Founder of Joanne Gore Communications, she helps companies tell their story to a new generation of print and business buyers. Email: Follow her on Twitter: @joannegore121

How to take the stress out of planning your next tradeshow

Managing tradeshows and events is in every corporate marketer’s job description, whether it’s before, during or after the event. Your marketing team/person manages your company’s communications, brand, social and messaging and will parlay that into a well-integrated print and digital marketing campaign and follow-up strategy – including advertising, social media, lead generstion, press releases and … Read more →

Stretch your marketing team – and its budget

How lean marketing departments thrive Today’s B2B corporate marketing departments are lean – while expectations and requirements grow large. Digital strategies, content strategies and overall data management have become all-consuming – as marketers feed a voracious appetite for leads, awareness, authenticity and authority. The hats corporate/in-house marketers wear change frequently. At any given point your … Read more →

The disruption of print

The phrase ‘disruptive innovation’ has been around for over 20 years. In his 1997 book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen launched the phrase that has since become synonymous with innovation and transformation. With a legacy of ink on paper and the evolution of all things internet, digital technologies and trends have become major print industry … Read more →

Sales and marketing: How to do them best

Technology and a skilled workforce are must-haves for sales and marketing success  The history of print dates back to 3100 BC, when wedge-shaped marks were made on clay tablets by a blunt stylus cut from a reed. However it wasn’t until the early 1400s, when blacksmith and goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg made history as printer and publisher … Read more →

Printers have new stories to tell about businesses

Before you tell yours, make sure you consider these four things. A new generation of print buyers, with expectations for a true omni-channel experience, is providing new opportunities for printers. According to Pricewaterhouse Coopers, by 2020, the demand for an omnichannel customer experience will be amplified by the need for nearly perfect execution. One where each … Read more →

Communications, Xploration and millennials

A new generation of buyers is driving changes in the customer experience Earlier this year I attended Xploration18, an annual event produced by Xplor International, which delves into the what, why and how of enterprise communications industry trends, best practices, regulations, and new technologies. Xplor is a not-for-profit association that provides thought leadership to the … Read more →