Joanne Gore
Joanne Gore is a B2B marketer who’s passionate about print and has spent the last three decades helping companies of all sizes achieve business success. As Chief Communications Officer at PMC+, a division of PrintMediaCentr, Joanne is spearheading the initiative to help the print industry maximize marketing and communications to drive business now, and in the future. Follow her on Twitter: @joannegore121

SMART goals lead to business magic

This tried and true method for assessing success is still valid. Each year, millions of us set goals to lose weight, exercise more, make more money, and quit or cut back smoking or drinking. Unfortunately, we often bite off more than we can chew and expect sweeping results in a short time. As a result, … Read more →

Why you need to stop selling print

There has always been a propensity to sell print based on price. Yet we recognize that we also need to sell quality. And service. And value. A quick Google search on the term ‘how to sell print’ showed 136 million results. There is clearly no lack of information available on the topic. But we’re still … Read more →

Maximizing YOUR Print17 experience

I’m often asked: “How do you maximize the value of a tradeshow?” Wow. That’s a loaded question, because the success of a tradeshow experience means different things to different people. Are you an exhibitor or a delegate? Perhaps you’re a speaker or member of the media. Are you going for education and/or certification purposes? Are … Read more →

Maximizing the value of your database

Are you looking for new leads? Do you know what the average cost per lead is based on the prospect lifecycle? Are you hearing terms like MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQL (Sales Qualified Leads)? Are you aligning data sources, such as Google Analytics and your CRM, to map out your prospect-to-customer journey? Are you … Read more →

Discovering the world of In-Plants

This month’s article is in honour of In-Plant Awareness month. #In-PlantsRock February is In-Plant Awareness Month! It’s a campaign created by the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) to generate more attention for services that in-plants offer their parent organizations. I began my journey into the world of print back in the 80s. I worked … Read more →

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