Big Iron: offset press update

Big Iron: Offset press update

With the focus on digital printing, it seems as if nothing is happening with traditional sheetfed offset presses. Clearly digital printing technology is making great advancements in format, quality, speed and cost. The ability to do variable imaging is clearly digital’s unique value proposition. Beyond that, digital has almost completely replaced investment in 2-page presses; … Read more →

Digital: what will it print on next?

John Zarwan - Digital: what will it print on next?

Most commercial printers print on paper. Seems simple and straightforward until one thinks about the different kinds of paper: coated and uncoated free sheet; coated and uncoated groundwood; newsprint. Even within each category there are gradations of quality, basis weight and brightness. It’s not so simple anymore.

Still sticking with offset, unusual but increasingly common substrates include folding carton and paperboard, card stock, plastic and lenticular. When there is a need for more specialized jobs, one normally thinks of flexo presses for flexible films and screen print for just about everything else.

Big boy offset

The old Walt Disney song may say “It’s a small world after all,” but for a few Canadian printers, “the world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.” When one thinks of big presses, one immediately thinks about the huge web presses used for … Read more →

CPIA Strategy 08 – Protecting your profits

The annual Canadian Printing Industries Association senior management conference, Strategy 08, recently wrapped up. More than 100 industry executives and others traveled to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to meet with peers, network and share insights with a range of speakers. Sub-titled “Protecting Your Profits,” much of the focus was on improving business operations, particularly through recruiting … Read more →

drupa 08 – Setting new benchmarks

Every four years brings us a U.S. election, the Olympics, the World Cup, and drupa. And make no mistake. Drupa is every bit as exciting as those other ones. This year was no exception. Around 391,000 visitors from 138 countries attended the two-week long “Messe”, which featured 1971 exhibitors from 52 countries. Although attendance was … Read more →

JDF and workflow for your company

So what is JDF, where does it fit, what does it mean, and why should anyone care? And what is this thing called “workflow” anyway? By the time this issue is in your hands, drupa 2008 will be history. We’ll see whether the promise of the “inkjet drupa” or the “green drupa” was borne out, … Read more →

Variable Data printing

When digital colour production printers were first introduced, at IPEX in 1993, they were expected to compete with offset for “short run colour”, which was then defined as run lengths less than 5000 or 10,000 impressions. With improvements in offset presses, automation, and workflow, however, the economic run lengths at which they were able to … Read more →

How the cover was done

There’s something different about this issue’s cover. Did you notice it? Anything unusual? How about the ads? Take a closer look. It’s obvious that the cover you are holding is about variable data printing. And it should be equally obvious there are a number of clearly variable elements—your name and an image of the address … Read more →

Digital colour for profitability

While digital colour was a novelty five or ten years ago, most Canadian printers today have some digital colour capability; more than half offer colour copying and printing, while a substantial number – some research indicates approaching 20%—have digital “presses” with speeds of 45 ppm or higher. Research that we conducted for PRIMIR ( indicates … Read more →