How to find great mentors

Surrounding yourself with well-chosen mentors can dramatically change your life. A mentor is someone with vast experience or unique talents who is willing to share ideas with you on a regular basis. You, as the the recipient of this valuable information, have a responsibility to use it wisely by furthering your career and financial status … Read more →

Let go…

…at the officeIf your business is expanding, hiring a personal assistant can dramatically change your life for the better. A personal assistant is not a receptionist, secretary, or someone whose duties you share with two or three other people. A true personal assistant is totally dedicated to you and excels at the tasks you don’t … Read more →

The 4 Fundamentals of success

As a business coach, author, and professional speaker I’m often asked, “Why is it some people do so well in life—professionally, personally and financially—and so many others seem to constantly struggle?” It’s an important question. Based on my 30 years of working with clients from a wide variety of industries, the most practical answer I … Read more →