Tired of the business you’re in?

I’ve spent the past two years researching the global marketplace looking for a product that would capture the imagination of the Baby Boomer generation. Why that specific demographic? Well, I am one(!) and there are approximately eighty million of us marching to our retirement. That is a huge market. But this is about me. You … Read more →

Think like a lion, not a gazelle

Where do your emotions go when you watch a pride of lions stalking a herd of gazelle? Who do you champion? Would you side with the helpless animal that was separated from the herd and hopelessly fending off the predators? Or would you root for the lion, stealthily moving across the African savanna, a highly-skilled … Read more →

More on letting go

I spent the past two weeks in Costa Rica, a beautiful country with warm, gracious people. It also has some of the best surfing beaches in the world. Growing up on the East Coast where the water seldom lets go of its icy grip, surfing was fantasized through the music’ of the Beach Boys. So … Read more →

The Future of Your Cell Phone

Cell phones express individuality. Consider the growth of ring tones, those tiny song recordings programmed into millions of cell phones around the world. They were first popularized by tech-savvy teens in the late 1990s who replaced the standard ring with a few bars from a favorite tune. Mobile phone companies began selling ring tones as … Read more →

Cycles of Innovation

According to Dent, every 80 years, you get an individualist, more radical generation like the last cycle, which had Henry Ford. That generation gave us the automobile, telephones, airlines, women’s rights and the assembly line. It ushered in a cultural and economic revolution. In this current cycle, the Boomer generation is also leading a revolutionary … Read more →

Taking it Personally

Rather than deal clearly with the situation and address the issue when I was presented with the invoice, I procrastinated and left feeling resentful and ripped off. Subsequently, I let others know of my discontent with his work and outlandish billing. Months later while attending a trade show I unexpectedly bumped into the graphic designer. … Read more →

The Devil We Know

“I’d be better off taking the bookkeeping back and doing it myself,” Andrew suggested. “That’s not dealing with the underlying issue,” I countered. “You outsourced the bookkeeping because you’re not good at it, so taking it back does not serve your primary goal. You need a bookkeeper that will do the task and serve you, … Read more →

Rethink Pink

It’s not that women have just arrived in the marketplace. Research reveals that women already make 80% of all purchasing decisions, from the butter on the table to the car in the driveway. But more importantly, the growing power and influence of women can be seen in all aspects of our economy. Some of this … Read more →

Denial? Or Hunkering Down?

Denial is, of course, your first defense. You refuse to believe the inevitable and find a myriad of reasons to deny the impact of this invention. “People can’t read,” you say. “The market is too small and besides, the investment required is outrageous.” You retreat to the safety of your office. “This silliness will pass,” … Read more →

Industry Profile – Ken Hartshorn

Over the years, Houghton Boston has evolved into a specialized printer offering high quality book production to publishers in Western Canada and the Northwest United States. Their expertise and years of print excellence also includes corporate printing, magazines, catalogues and publications for the tourism, agriculture and educational sectors. The company also designs and manufactures a … Read more →

Cramming Our

(Parenthetically, this is a critical point. Did you know that your brain is wired to always provide the answers to the questions you ask? For example, ask yourself the question, “Why is my business stuck in second gear?” Did you hear the answers yet? They may not be the truth but they are the ones … Read more →