Redefine your project management “solution”

While the promise of project management methodologies is improved efficiency and higher profitability, implementing and sticking to one can be an extremely frustrating endeavour. How often do we observe a “by the book” operation whose participants have completely bought-in to the process and have smiles on their faces?! The issue we’re faced with is twofold. … Read more →

Innovations in Braille

Nearly half a million Canadians and millions more worldwide are affected by a visual impairment. It’s a staggering number. While print has long been an economical visual communication medium, tactile print for the visually impaired has largely remained expensive and onerous by comparison. As available technologies, legislative obligations, and social responsibility all continue to grow, … Read more →

Innovations in Office Inkjet

From invoices and timesheets to presentation materials, reports, and documentation, print in the office is still strong despite the increasing use of digital screens. Business professionals rely on printed documents to communicate data and information in a clear and professional way. For this month’s Innovations in Printing Processes piece, I’m taking a look at some … Read more →

Innovation in Flexography

To kickoff this year’s Innovation in Print Processes series, this article takes a look at some new technologies and materials that are making the flexographic (a.k.a. flexo) printing process more profitable for print companies, easier for press operators, and more attractive for brand managers. Recent studies report the global packaging market is approaching a value … Read more →

E-mail and Task Management

Email is so old school – in some respects, anyway. Although it’s been a ubiquitous communication tool in your personal life and at work for a over a decade now, it’s outdated in its ability to help you efficiently keep track of projects and processes which have complex requirements and deliverables. Continue reading to discover … Read more →

A look at mobile

Is your website mobile-optimized? Are you serving the right content to your mobile visitors? Questioning your site’s mobile performance is more important than ever as web traffic is increasingly being generated by users on mobile devices. Read ahead to learn about some mobile trends, some site optimization techniques, and some tools to help you test … Read more →

Online customer portals

Customer portals, in a general sense, are hubs for information served uniformly through a web browser. They are comprised of dashboards and modular components, they’re often highly customizable, and consumers and professionals alike rely on them everyday. For printers and marketers, portals can serve very specific purposes, such as for yearbook production. They can also … Read more →

Social media analysis

Posts, shares, mentions, hashtags, retweets, likes… these types of digital social interactions are abundant. With all of the social media outlets out there, the amount of content generated daily can be daunting, especially to a business just starting to engage in the social sphere. Fortunately, a number of services have been developed to aggregate, report, … Read more →

Taking advantage of HTML5 features

HTML5 is often misunderstood. It tends to be thought of as an entirely new—and perhaps overwhelming—markup language for the web. Really, though, HTML5 consists of discrete features aimed at helping developers code faster, deliver content from servers to browsers in fewer bytes, and provide a better cross-device experience. Think of HTML5 as a bundle of … Read more →

Prepress Workflow

Marketers are increasingly taking an omni-channel approach, broadcasting their messages across multiple media channels simultaneously. For printers, this means workflows must be flexible enough to meet the needs of their clients while maintaining an efficient operation. This article discusses the philosophy behind workflow systems, how prepress workflows are evolving to incorporate new types of inputs … Read more →

Sales and customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an integral part of new business generation and customer service. Sales staff can rely on CRM tools for discovering trends, forecasting, and selecting business growth opportunities. Support staff can rely on CRM tools for quick access to client contacts, up-to-date information on active projects, and business continuance purposes (i.e. getting … Read more →

Illustration today

What encapsulates digital illustration is ever expanding. The term ‘illustration’ can be somewhat misleading. While your first thought might consider it to involve creative rendering, such as cartooning or painting, there are a number of functional and interactive applications that make use of the process too. This article explores how digital illustration software is inherent … Read more →