3D Printing News – December 2015

This month: Staying ahead of the 3D technology curve Where is your business going to be in five years? There is no easy answer, especially with so many changes happening in the printing and graphic arts industry. By expanding your products and value-added services, you can open up tremendous opportunities – especially in the realm … Read more →

3D printings trajectory

Many believe 3D printing is a new breakthrough in technology. With the rise of consumer plastic extrusion (i.e. fused-deposition modelling or FDM) 3D printers, many see the exploding popularity of FDM machines as the birth of 3D printing technologies. In reality, 3D printing has been around for over 30 years, and despite the ubiquitous and … Read more →

3D Printing News – October 2015

Redefining your workflow from design to production You’ve likely heard about the benefits of 3D printing for manufacturing, product development and prototyping. You’ve heard 3D printing is “the next big thing” and how it will revolutionize many industries. You’ve even heard about new opportunities 3D printing has opened up. But there are still skeptics who … Read more →

3D printing news

This month: Building parts that work – the engineer’s desktop. A focus on the value of having a 3D printer in your workflow as an engineer or designer.

3D Printing News

This month: 3D Scanning Whatever your application may be, the one thing you will always need for ANY 3D print is a functional 3D design file. You can design the file from scratch using CAD (or any of the various 3D design software programs), but you’ll quickly discover that this process is labourious and requires … Read more →

3D Printing News

This month: Printing in full-colour 3D using ColorJet In this first of several monthly features on 3D printing by Toronto’s Objex Unlimited 3D Print Studio, Brand Manager and Marketing Coordinator Matt Belo explores the fascinating world of 3D ColorJet Printing. ColorJet printing ColorJet Printing (CJP) is an additive manufacturing process used to create full-colour, photo-realistic … Read more →