What print buyers want

The Digital Imaging Association holds regularly scheduled educational sessions that offer attendees a dependable way to stay current with the industry. The DIA achieves this by asking experts in various fields to address topics of interest to the membership. Members who attend our sessions often remark on how informative our technical-based presentations are. But, technology is of greatest value when the marketplace wants to buy the services it enables.

RFID and security inks

New revenue streams for the traditional printer At the Oct. 15 meeting, the Digital Imaging Association once again delivered high-value to all attendees. Security is becoming ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives. A recent survey of 186 global organizations by ABI Research found that Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is being used or evaluated for … Read more →

GRACoL/G7 Delivers

Anyone who wants to review the GRACoL mandate, offering print predictability from creative to press, can visit www.gracol.org. Or, instead of merely visiting their website, you could have joined print buyers, prepress and print service providers, and vendors to the industry at a recent DIA presentation hosted at Apple Canada. The Digital Imaging Association offers … Read more →

Approaching MIS/ERP/CRM

The Digital Imaging Association offers a dependable and cost–effective way to stay current with the industry—we recruit experts in various fields to address topics of interest to our membership. Recently, members and guests participated in an in–depth session that examined some case studies of what works and what doesn’t when going down the MIS/ERP/CRM path. … Read more →

What good is an MIS system?

Management Information Systems (MIS); Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP); Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)  and “lean thinking” are the latest of the self-acclaimed panaceas to help Printers manage their business better, make more money, and increase productivity.  What magic!  The reality is, if you perform a careful, objective analysis of your current business processes, and … Read more →

Managing content in graphic arts

The Electronic Job Docket – Another DAM Project? Graphic arts companies manage every last detail that goes into each job. Every order is a custom order. Communicating the information required to get that job through the production process error free, without having to explain each step, is the goal of every production manager.  Add to … Read more →