I’d like to begin by shamelessly congratulating my two amazing friends on their recent engagement. Todd Cober (Cober Printing) and Magda Stolarczyk (Spicers) are GCM class of 2005 and 2006 respectively. They are both amazing individuals that this industry is lucky to have. More importantly, they are lucky to have each other. Love you both and congratulations!

DIA event a great success

This past month, I attended a great industry talk hosted by the Digital Imaging Association (DIA) at the Xerox Research Centre; and I don’t think I could say enough good things about the experience!

Laureen Chudzinski, director of business development strategies at InfoTrends, was the evening’s speaker, and she talked about social media marketing. What I really enjoyed about her presentation was her use of examples. I find that a lot of us talk generally abou

My customer asked me… “What are some good iPhone apps?”

“What are some good iPhone apps?”

As many of you may know, two additional cell phone carriers have acquired the rights to the iPhone in Canada. Previous to this, only Rogers customers were able to purchase the device. Given that I’m tied into a contract with Telus, I missed out. Of course, because I’m mildly obsessed with Apple products, I went out and bought an iPod Touch to make myself feel better.

Making a list, checking it twice

Welcome to the November issue. We’re just a couple of months away from the new year! This is when smart shoppers start to tick off their holiday gift list (unless you are like me and wait until the double digits in December). If you are a bit more organized than me, this issue is just right for you. While it will not help you figure out what to get your great uncle Charlie for the holidays, it is a great preview of things to shop for in the industry.

Sales and management: effective practices for today

In today’s turbulent market, I think it’s healthy to start with some perspective…and nothing sheds perspective better than some humour.

How do salespeople introduce themselves?

“Hi, I’m better than you.”

This was one of the first sales jokes I was ever told (by a prospective customer, of course). It is no secret that salespeople get a bad rap. The customer’s joke didn’t bother me at the end of my work day though because I knew I wasn’t “that” salesperson. It does, however, bother me today because I teach sales management. In every class of 100 students, there sit (usually at the back) at least 10 young people who have incredible sales potential and because of jokes like this one, they steer clear of that career path. I spend an entire semester going through why sales isn’t like that – something I really believe.

Happy halloween

While I’m far too old to get away with trick-or-treating, I am still a big fan of walking around on Halloween (and the candy, but that is another story). Aside from it being nostalgic, it is interesting to see how people decorate their homes and businesses.

I’m a PC and I’m four-and-a-half

It was this time last year that I stubbornly placed myself in the Page 6 spot for Graphic Arts Magazine as the new associate editor. As I look back at the issue, I remember the enthusiasm and excitement I felt writing that column. You would think that by now I would have calmed down a bit!

Poolside niche finding

Welcome to the July/August issue. We hope to find you poolside, enjoying this read. And even though summer and relaxation go together, we have spared no elbow grease preparing this issue. We bring you two new authors this month, both with stellar backgrounds. Ian Baitz is a professor and associate chair of Ryerson University’s School … Read more →

Two ideas are better than one

Our lead stories this month contain two of my favourite topics: management and big machines. I grew up with a dad who works in construction and a bunch of best friends who built cars for fun. Big machines are pretty much second nature to me, as I recall checking out my dad’s brand new diamond … Read more →

Women in print

I’ve been staring at my cursor blinking at me for longer than I should, coaxing myself into typing something clever about women in the first sentence. I could start with a statistic, or perhaps a joke…maybe even a blonde joke at my own expense. The fact is that it’s difficult to know where to begin. … Read more →

For they are jolly good fellows!

What a great month! As part of my responsibilities at Ryerson, I got to take our first year students on an overnight trip to see the Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper Museum in Niagara Falls. The intention of the trip is to allow the students to bond while they are exposed to the history of Canadian … Read more →