One for the books

The last issue of 2016 is taking a look back as well as a look forward. The year has been filled to the brim with unlikely news, leaving many of us feeling like anything can happen come 2017.

Innovation as usual

The October issue of GAM is a wonderful exploration of traditional products and industries that are currently undergoing market innovation. Olivia Parker takes you through some of the opportunities available through Canada Post:  “In a society where television commercials are easily ignored, and Internet advertisements are blocked or clicked away with ease, mail offers a … Read more →

Print buyers report

Natalia Lumby, Christopher Ambedkar and Josh Ramsbottom ask the question: “What do your customers really want?” If you have the answer to this question you are on your way to becoming a valued provider.

Print + Food

We are inching towards drupa. In this month’s issue we take a close look at what you can expect from the show. We hope that the lead article helps you navigate the mammoth show, or serves as a resource if you are unable to attend. With several authors attending drupa this summer, we are excited … Read more →

Green issue

Yesterday while I was reading our issue, I was sitting with windows wide open enjoying what felt almost like a springtime breeze. This afternoon as I sit to write there is a snowstorm warning. With the weather patterns changing as quickly as they do, and with weather being such a visceral part of our day, … Read more →

Be direct

Have you ever had an experience where you start to explore a concept and all of a sudden everyone seems to be talking about it? While we put together this issue the world suddenly turned into a whirlwind of information about direct mail. It is exceptionally strange to be reading about targeted marketing when you … Read more →