New in colour management

Our closing issue for the year is dedicated to colour. Colour science is a topic that has been critical in our industry for decades now. In the past, achieving good colour would have been an art form – a delicate synergy between the pressmen and his press. Today, while it may still be a mystery … Read more →

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Anyone out there obsessing over Black Friday? As far as I know this Boxing Day rival is fairly new north of the border. Statistically it’s very profitable for retailers, though not as important as that last holiday rush. Most printing establishments don’t operate with retail storefronts so why am I going on about this? Many … Read more →

For the record Jr.: Edith Sevigny-Martel

While I never had the pleasure of teaching Edith while she attended Ryerson, I did work with her on a course for which she was a teaching assistant. I think her answers encapsulate her extremely positive and forward thinking personality. She is excellent at exploring new approaches, while also staying logical and strategic. Jam is … Read more →

For the record Jr.: Ashley Lombardo

Ashley Lombardo is a graduate from the School of Graphic Communications Management. I had the privilege of working with her as her teacher, as well as on our packaging student group, RyePack. She is a born task-master who will surely use her ability to manage multiple deadlines far into her career. There is no project … Read more →

Stay curious

Lately I’ve been thinking about the role of a traditional printer in the development of new processes and technologies. For example, I’m curious to know how all of you feel about the 3D printing revolution. Is it the place of traditional printers or is it the stuff of something else? We know that there are … Read more →

Impressions from EskoWorld 2015

This was only my second EskoWorld user group conference but colour me impressed twice in a row! This year’s event was held in Scottsdale, Arizona, surrounded by red clay, insanely tall cacti and beautiful pools to help tame the three-digit heat wave. The sessions covered a broad area of topics catering to all types of … Read more →

Safety First

This month we focus on safety. While there are many topics in our industry that may go in and out of style, safety should always remain a top priority. Diana Brown takes a very practical look at what you must do and should do at you plant to ensure everyone is safe. It is absolutely critical … Read more →

For the Record Jr: Andrea Lo

Andrea Lo is a wonderful example of a Graphic Communications Management graduate who combines creativity, a positive attitude and a very strong work ethic. Here is what she had to say about life, post-Ryerson. What is the most interesting graphic arts project you have seen (provide a link or picture where possible)? Back in 2013, … Read more →

Packaging and the French press

The focus of this month’s issue looks at addressing some of the intricacies of working in packaging. There is a lot to consider in any printing process, but in the case of packaging there is the added layer of legislation that governs what a package can and must communicate to consumers. In his debut article … Read more →

For the record Jr.: Samantha Cheng

Samantha Cheng is a young professional who is excellent at balancing her work and personal interests. She is a graduate of one of the first classes I ever taught at Ryerson. She is a very warm person who is quick to look for the positive in every situation. She successfully runs a blog, using it … Read more →