What a show!

This issue follows a successful Graphics Canada – what a show it was! It was so nice to see multiple halls of exhibitors and a flowing crowd of attendees. While I miss the sound of 10-colour presses on the show floor, there is no denying that it was a big success for many. Walking around … Read more →

Working on your network 2.0

Networking! For some of us the word alone is enough to develop sweaty palms. The truth is that most people, even those who are good at networking, don’t love it – a means to an end if you will. Hopefully this article will help you develop some skills that make networking (dare I say it) … Read more →

Leaders in Print

A well-respected leader in our industry is bestowed the Honourary Life Membership from the CPIA. Richard Armstrong, the CEO of Heidelberg Canada is retiring, but not without recognition for his amazing contributions. I feel particularly indebted to Richard as I enter the Heidelberg Centre at Ryerson every morning, a building he helped bring to reality. … Read more →

For the Record Jr.: Nicola Kidd

Nicola is that wonderful combination of entrepreneur and artist. Her creativity somehow rubs off on those around her. She has a BFA in Print Making and a BTech from Ryerson’s School of Graphic Communications Management (GCM). She started her career as a production manager in a startup, which she has had the opportunity to see … Read more →

For the record Jr.: Tyler Tenn

In my experience teaching, some of the most brilliant ideas have come from those new to the industry. This month’s interview is with Tyler Tenn. As a student, Tyler was evenly tempered, positive and encouraging. I think this is one reason why he got a great first job at Ricoh Canada as a Site Supervisor…that, … Read more →

Exceeding Expectations

Have you ever asked people to exceed your expectations? This past semester at Ryerson I’ve asked our management students to exceed assignment goals. They were not told how to do this, but rather have had to decide for themselves what “exceeding” consists of. The results have been incredible! We’ve had students starting blogs, launching student … Read more →

Happy Holidays

November was an extremely busy month in the world of print events … with enough award shows, conferences and tradeshows to keep you thinking about your business all month long! Firstly, a big congratulations to all of the winners at the Canadian Print Awards. In particular we are so lucky to have, as a part … Read more →

Community at the Print Community Forum

On the heels of a successful Graph Expo we are excited to do our part to contribute to our collective printing industry wisdom by hosting the Print Community Forum. It would be wonderful if there was time to gather insights and people in a room more often—build that excitement that comes from sharing ideas and … Read more →

The makers

Have you ever thought of your business in terms of products? I am doing some interesting reading about the current digital revolution in manufacturing, and it struck me that printing is usually supplementary to a product as opposed to being a product itself. There are many types of printing that are thought of as the … Read more →

Printing in a soccer state of mind

In this summer issue we welcome a new author, Shaun McNaughton, and his article about competitive packaging. As a fellow educator, I had the pleasure of meeting Shaun through a competition that we both had students participating in. It is exciting that he is sharing some of his innovative ideas about packaging with us. In … Read more →