Considering 3D printing? Here’s what to think about

It looks like science fiction, but it’s trickier than it seems 3D printing is like something out of science fiction. By pressing a button, one can produce custom, intricately designed products using a variety of materials. In recent years, the process has evolved with technological innovations, unique applications, and integrations into both for-profit and not-for-profit … Read more →

How graphic design helped shape our nation

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, Globe Style did a series where they explored iconic examples of domestic design. One of their pieces discussed the longevity of Windsor Salt’s beloved dot motif box, designed by Canadian Chris Yaneff; it’s a package design that has endured for nearly 40 years. The ability to create such a … Read more →

The importance of brand guidelines

Brands are about rules. Regardless of what media an entity is using for its marketing there is always the underlying current of structure in how brand elements are presented. This makes designing for brands both a challenging and rewarding process. Rewarding because brands are self-made icons with the money and power to back up some … Read more →

Practical execution for variable data

The principle of variable data is straightforward. Whether text, colour, photo etc., each printed piece is different from the other and no two pieces are the same. It’s easy to see the function of variable data for business cards or personalized products, but there are also instances where it can be incredibly useful for typesetting … Read more →

Distill and visualize: the value of infographics

Remember when facts and statistics were simply presented as Excel-style graphs? They were a feature to catch the reader’s eye and distill the important information jammed into articles or textbooks. In recent years, these “boring” charts have been replaced with eye-catching infographics; the combination of data with stylish graphic design to present an appealing, digestible … Read more →

C.A.R.P. – My graphic design basics

Four simple techniques I employ for fantastic graphic design. Graphic design isn’t easy. A year ago I wrote an article on the strategies I employ to simplify the design process. However, what I did not discuss were the design principles I personally follow. The guidelines for all the designs I compose are contrast, alignment, repetition, … Read more →

Digital printing update – a look at the past, present and future

Digital printing has entered a golden age of possibility. With advancements in technologies, changes in the marketplace, and increasingly innovative applications, digital printing has established its place as a complement to traditional printing methods. In order to understand the perspectives of both the vendor and the user about how the digital printing industry has evolved … Read more →

Postal code targeting – a new product from Canada Post

A brief introduction to Canada Post’s newest direct mail product. For the last couple of years direct mail has had the same options available to reach customers, neighborhood mail (formerly unaddressed admail) and personalized mail (formerly addressed admail). As the acceptance of 2015’s Smartmail MarketingT rebrand continues to gain momentum, Canada Post is preparing to … Read more →