Peter’s Picks – technology highlights

The Print 09 show was aptly themed “myPRINT” and featured an expanded focus on new market segments and the latest technological developments from leading industry suppliers. Over 650 companies exhibited their products and services in Chicago, September 11-16, 2009.

Here is a list of leading-edge products from the show that I am calling “Peter’s Picks.”

PMA 2009 show review

The annual Photo Marketing Association event, held in Canada, is a two-day product showcase featuring manufacturers and vendors catering to photo retailers. The show offers world-class education seminars, dynamic keynote speakers and networking opportunities with colleagues and suppliers.

This year, I attended the show (Sept. 10-11) and looked specifically for money-making ventures that could also be applied to the print industry in general.

Wide format printing – doors of opportunity

The year 2008 has been a challenging one for many companies, yet wide format printing has been very profitable for many of those companies. It’s still an emerging technology, but enhancing your business with wide format printing capabilities is still a good business decision. Don Skenderian, vice-president of EskoArtwork adds that “compared to other segments … Read more →

Eco-friendly large format inkjet printers

New eco-friendly legislation is starting to change the way most wide-format print providers run their businesses. Since solvent-based ink is volatile and releases chemicals into the air, there are many health concerns starting to come to the forefront. New laws mandating the reduction of VOCs are leading printer manufacturers to develop less volatile inks and … Read more →

Selling large-format printing services

Today’s business customers are looking for more than just a place to make photocopies – they’re looking for a dedicated partner that will help them take care of their business and handle all their printing needs. Whether it’s copies of blueprints, posters, displays, signs or banners, these busy customers need someone to provide the full … Read more →

The inkjet opportunity in rapid prototyping

The world is speeding up—no doubt about it—and a faster world requires faster manufacturing, which means rapid prototyping is necessary to get products to market more quickly. Past methods for rapid prototyping included casting, molding, and stamping. In the 1980s, new technologies, such as lamination and stereo lithography, appeared to make the rapid prototyping process … Read more →

The secret of a good impression

Lithography is a very simple process. Water and ink are metered to the plate simultaneously, at high speed, and with great precision. The ink and water mix with each other in a controlled way on the form rollers and then deposit separately, each to its own designated area on the plate. Experienced pressmen know that … Read more →

Large-format inkjet printer investment trends

The large format inkjet business is unquestionably a great business opportunity for commercial printers, quick printers, and graphic arts firms, and the profit margin can be excellent if you produce good work, develop your customer account base, and deliver goods reliably. The expanded use of large format inkjet printers has been due to the fact … Read more →

PMA 2008 DIMA Digital Printer Awards

This year’s PMA trade show in Las Vegas saw another edition of the annual DIMA awards. The DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out was designed to test digital output devices and the consumables used with these devices using standardized conditions and procedures. Each participating company was given 5 business days to produce a print for entry into … Read more →