Are You an Entrepreneur?

As a business intermediary, (a specialist in the sale of privately owned businesses) I frequently encounter buyers, caught up in the myth of a business ownership, who haven’t taken a hard look at the realities. And sometimes the sellers have learned those realities the hard way. At our company, we say that to be successful, … Read more →

The Silent Marker

Selling a business is often confused with selling real estate because a real estate license entitles one to sell businesses. But very few business owners want a “for sale” sign in the window, nor do they want every real estate agent or the public to know they are for sale. Public knowledge could impact customers, … Read more →

Getting it Right the First Time

2) Color miscommunication Quite often the customer provides a disk with his graphic file on it. Unfortunately the customer didn’t send along a color proof to verify the color accuracy in the file. It looked great on the screen to us and so we printed the file, but the customer didn’t like it – to … Read more →

Creating a Marketable Business

For instance, if I have a roller-making factory, someone else can come in to manufacture and sell those rollers just as well as I can. But if I am a graphic artist, a specialty photographer, or a consultant, it’s another story. My knowledge and skills aren’t transferable. This is what’s known as proprietary knowledge. Having … Read more →

Short Run Digital Laser Printing

The setup is really easy – under 20 minutes. Performance is where the 7750/DN shines. Rated at 35 ppm, it beats the competition right out of the gate. Output quality was good to excellent and the 7750 does noticeably better on photos printed at the recommended performance settings. The 7750 lives up to the color … Read more →

Guide to Royalty-Free Images

If you don’t want to worry about how and when you can use a specific stock photo, then a good idea is to look for royalty free images. You will never need to pay a renewal fee or an additional licensing fee to use the photo in another project. However, the danger of the same … Read more →

Selling Your Business To An Employee

From a psychological point of view, selling to an employee seems less complicated and it’s human nature to want to take the route of least resistance. A relationship – and often a long-standing one – is at the heart of selling to an employee. The owner and employee may be friends as well as colleagues. … Read more →

Get the Best Price for Your Business

Plan three to five years in advance . Though not always possible, taking the time to prepare a business for sale can add value well above the cost and effort expended. The amount of detail that needs to be dealt with is huge. Steps can be taken to increase the ability to sell your business, … Read more →

Wide Format Scanners

Originally designed for the blueprint market, these machines have become more sophisticated and cost-effective. In fact, with more precise roller mechanisms and high-quality CCD arrays and color management, these machines can scan and print existing large format graphics quickly, efficiently and profitably. Of course, we couldn’t possibly run all the specs we found, so the … Read more →

Why Write a Business Plan?

The product or service offering of the company. The competition, and their aggressiveness. Life expectancy of the product or services of the company. Technological changes pending within the business or industry. New products and services being contemplated for the future. Employee competency and retention. Competence of management. Challenges facing the company and their plan to … Read more →

Computer to Plate Proofing

Digital proofing considerations There are some basic considerations to consider before deciding on which proofing device to buy as a part of your direct to plate workflow. The first question to ask is whether you really need to obtain the exact same halftone screen dot on the proof as in the final print. In the … Read more →