Creating Your Digital Darkroom

Calibrating your monitor To calibrate your monitor and create a monitor profile you have two options, the accurate way or the not so accurate way. Avoid the not so accurate subjective method such as Adobe Gamma. This system lulls you into a false sense of security. The best method is to use a software and … Read more →

How the Mars Pancam Takes Such Great Pictures

From 10 feet away, Pancam has a resolution of 1 millimeter per pixel. “It’s Mars like you’ve never seen it before,” says Steven Squyres, Cornell professor of astronomy and principal investigator for the suite of scientific instruments carried by the rovers. The word pixel is derived from the term “picture element.” Digital images are composed … Read more →

Digital SLR Cameras vs. Film Scans

A film scan on the other hand is a second-generation image. The first generation is camera lens to film and the second generation is film to scanner CCD. Digital camera images are first generation with the camera lens producing the final image. Each step in the process of image creation introduces the probability of some … Read more →

Quality Control Proofing

Remote proofing is the industry buzzword with regard to proofing. Everyone is doing remote proofing but the term has several meanings. Our meaning is whether your inkjet proofing system or systems is producing consistent results at every location by measuring a control patch and having colorimetric and densitometric data attached to every proof. Best Remoteproof … Read more →

PostScript RIPs for Large Format Printing

Bestcolor EFI has launched their all-new Best Colorproof, Screenproof and Designer Edition Software. Using Adobe PostScript 3, an integrated spot color library for Pantone, HKS and Toyo, brand new spot color management and new printer support, these three software packages are more efficient, more flexible and enable faster job completion in the pre-press industry … Read more →

Giclée Printing – a New Opportunity to Profit

These images are generally printed onto fine art paper or canvas and then framed. Artists can have their original paintings scanned and printed in the same way to create limited edition prints for a fraction of the cost of traditional printing. The growing interest in giclée has created dozens of ‘fine art printing’ companies. Giclée … Read more →

The Promise of Remote Proofing

Remote proofing encompasses two different approaches: either sharing files between designers, customers and printers which are output on a digital printer/proofer of some sort, or soft proofing the file which is done via a calibrated monitor. Soft-proofing methods can range from the basic PDF files transferred via email or FTP sites and systems that allow … Read more →

To RIP or Not to RIP

First of all, if a file is coming from Photoshop it does not need to be “ripped”, it is already a raster image file. Newer versions of Photoshop serve as a very effective RIP in a variety of applications. For many low production environments, Photoshop and a little ingenuity is all that is needed. Try … Read more →