Learn to love change

Psychologists have discovered that humans actually crave novelty and change. Yet most of us stay in the safe harbor of the known. We think that we’ll be happier and more secure in the familiar world of the known. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Avoiding change and growth is the the most dangerous … Read more →

The integrity gap

Each and every one of us is seeking solutions to life’s greatest problems. We’re looking for a better way to live, along with practical strategies to fill our days with a greater sense of fulfillment, festivity and abundance. I have discovered, in my own life, that I’m closest to living my “best life” when the … Read more →

Live simply

Live simply Dale Carnegie said that: “One of the most tragic things that I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that at blooming outside our window today.” Too many of … Read more →

Stress Mastery in Changing Times

We live in a high-pressure world. Your customers demand more from you than ever before, your boss expects greater results in less time and by the time you have mastered one technology, it’s often obsolete. The constant change in the marketplace and in society is so vast it makes your head spin. More new information … Read more →

How to Become a Star at Work

These are not the simple musings of yet another professional thinker spouting hackneyed euphemisms in the hope that one day someone will take note. These are the hard, cold facts of life – and they have been so for hundreds of years. And to deny them and continue living a life of complacency is to … Read more →

Self Discipline

Discipline gets you up early to go for a run on a freezing winter’s day because you are dedicated to improving your physical fitness. Discipline is turning off the TV and reading some of those books that will improve your effectiveness. Discipline is to stop giving so much time to the unimportant things and directing … Read more →

The Value of Daily Conversations

The primary block to us having necessary conversations at work is technology. While technology is a wonderful servant, in many instances it has become our master. Rather than walking down the hall to have a “belly to belly” conversation with a member of our team, we fire off an email. Rather than making the time … Read more →

4 Steps to Changing the World

1. Understand that there is no objective reality only a subjective reality In other words, we see the world through our own set of filters and these filters are colored by our own personal history and by our emotional heritage. For example, our childhood and adult experiences, our influences, the books we read and the … Read more →

Ten Things Authentic Leaders Do

They speak their truth. We frequently ‘swallow our truth’. We say things to please others and to look good in front of the Crowd. Authentic leaders are different. They consistently talk truth. They would never betray themselves by using words that are not aligned with who they are. This does not give anyone a license … Read more →

Be a Leader Through Action

One of the most powerful organizing principles I conduct my own life by is this one: never leave the site of a new idea or a new goal without taking some action to push it forward and bring it to life. Most of us get great ideas through the course of each day. We get … Read more →