Identify fraud before you get duped

Fraud is everywhere and you need to be aware of it.  If you have an e–mail address, then you’ve no doubt been assaulted with a particular spin on an old con. It’s an old swindle that’s been modernized thanks to the Internet. The perpetrators now have an entire planet in which they can troll for … Read more →

An expert in your business

An accountant visited the Natural History Museum. While standing near the dinosaur, he said to his neighbour: “This dinosaur is two billion years and ten months old.” “Where did you get this exact information?” his neighbour asked. “I was here ten months ago, and the guide told me that the dinosaur is two billion years … Read more →

The advantage of a tax professional

Maybe you’re considering purchasing some income tax preparation software and attempting to do it yourself? For some that may be a viable option, but tread cautiously – you may be putting your financial well-being at risk. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has offered Canadians the option to file their tax returns via the Internet for … Read more →

Credit report credibility?

A pizza shop owner was being audited by Revenue Canada. The owner asked, “What’s wrong? Why am I being audited?” The auditor replied, “You’ve got two trips to Europe down as business expenses. What’s your explanation?” The pizza shop owner replied, “We deliver!” In business, not everything is as it first appears. Often, there is … Read more →

Go Forth and Diversify

The bank would likely have a backup system, so a single server malfunction wouldn’t be enough to bring the bank to its technological knees. I suspect that this was a coordinated attack by one or several disgruntled insiders who could have crashed the system with a can of coke! That’s right, they could have spilled … Read more →

The Thief Within

We all steal. A little thievery is normal. Sometimes it’s just a matter of expediency. I got tired of waiting in line to pay for a nut and bolt at Home Depot, so I just walked out. It was only twenty-five cents but it was theft nevertheless. Am I going to lose sleep over it, … Read more →

The Importance of Credibility

What is the value of a beating heart? How much is a dedicated mind worth? No amount of money can buy either. It’s not so much the cost; it is the value of these items. There is a cost in nurturing and developing a strong heart and dedicated mind, but their value is measured by … Read more →

Is Your Tax Information Accurate?

Let me give you an example. When I was a student, I worked with a client, Raymond, who owned a successful wholesale auto parts business. Raymond really knew his business. He bought inventory well, and turned it over quickly. He was also one of the first computer users that I knew. Raymond had purchased this … Read more →

Tax Strategies 101

The two things that will rob you of more than you can imagine in your lifetime are fear and impatience. When it comes to filing your taxes, fear is the first stumbling block to getting the best deal you can. Fear will prevent you from paying the least amount of tax you have to pay. … Read more →

The Crowbar as a Business Tool

My most valuable business tool is a crowbar. Now I don’t walk around with a crowbar in my briefcase, although sometimes I wish I did, but I’m always thinking about how useful it could be during the course of my day. Say for instance, during a meeting when I see someone nodding off. A whack … Read more →

Dealing With Burnout

The first step in dealing with burnout is to acknowledge that you’re tired. Tired of the routine. Tired of dealing with the same old problems. Tired of putting out fires. Tired of too many masters and not enough help. Tired of excuses. Maybe tired of your own success. This exhaustion is a wedge that comes … Read more →