Syncing contacts in the Cloud

Q. I have thousands of contacts in my MobileMe account, and I am having trouble editing them. If I edit them on my iPhone, iPad or my Mac the old contact records keep coming back. How can I edit them and stop the duplicate address?

Sharing on social networks

My friend and I regularly share files. Can we use a USB stick or is there something else we can use so that we don’t burn CDs? He’s on a PC and I’m on a Mac.

Yes, you certainly could use a USB stick, or thumb drives. They’re usually formatted for use on Windows PCs, which means your friend can also read and write on it using a Mac. Using “file transfer” services is often the most cost-effective and convenient method. Lately, I’ve been recommending that users check out Dropbox. All you need to do is create an account on and you’ll get 2 GB of free storage space. Once you’ve got your account set up, you create a folder and invite your friend to share the folder. Your friend will also get 2 GB of free storage and he can invite his friends to share, and so on, and so on.

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy Q and A

My company set up a VPN so I can connect to the office from home, but when I try to connect to the server, I cannot choose the server’s name and connect. Why is that?

The fundamental problem you are describing is a common one and is experienced by many users under a lot of circumstances. Often when we connect to services on the Internet, we connect to them by entering a name, whether it’s a website, or sending e-mail or an app that posts our thoughts to Twitter. It seems to be magical somehow, but let me see if I can lift the curtain and explain the mystery.

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – October 2010

The disk space on my Mac is almost full and I’d like to store our family photos on an external drive and store the family videos from my second MacBook on the storage device as well. How can we move the files if we get an external drive or Mac Mini Server?

Publishing on the iPad

So here we are more than halfway through the year and over 5 million iPads have been sold. Consumers are rapidly snatching up all the available iPad and iPhone 4 devices as fast as Apple can make them. As a publishing professional you’re asking yourself “what does this mean to me? What impact does this have on the publishing industry and how do we as publishers get involved?”

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – July 2010

I’m thinking of buying an iPad. What size should I get?

The iPad is really a great device to use and I recommend them to everyone. At this point, the iPad is only available for purchase from Apple’s retail and online stores. You can also buy them in Canada at Best Buy and Future Shop as well. AppleCare is also available for them.

iPad fourteen days later

I was hoping that by the time this article is published many of you would already have an iPad. Unfortunately, as I write this Apple has made it known that it will not be shipping the iPad internationally until late May. I spoke with a client while she was standing in the New York City Apple store and she told me that there was a 45-minute wait to buy an iPad. As I write this, the iPad has been available in the U.S. for two weeks.

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – April 2010

Is it okay if I send my fonts to our translators in Montréal? Or is there a way for them to access the fonts on my machines remotely?

A few years ago, I wrote an article on licensing software. When it comes to licensed software, people are often under the misconception that they have bought their software. In fact, what they have done when they purchased a software title is simply licensed the use of that software.

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – February 2010

Ever since I upgraded to Snow Leopard, I have been unable to print Adobe PDFs. I print the file, but I cannot find the PDF when it is done.

Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.6 aka Snow Leopard, is an upgrade for Intel-based Macintosh computers that uses 64-bit processing, which allows for faster and wider data processing. As a result, the computing experience is much faster and seemingly gives new life to all compatible Mac desktops and laptop computers. While the upgrade has negatively affected some printing services, the refinements in Snow Leopard make it a welcome improvement.

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – November 2009

Q: I seem to have trouble recalling all my passwords. When I connect the wireless or get my email, I am asked for passwords. How do I know which one is needed?

A: Every Mac and Windows computer has a series of usernames and passwords that control what happens on your computer. These are in place to protect your data and information.

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – September 09

Q: My son downloaded some Dashboard Widgets and screensavers onto our Intel iMac and now we are getting a grey screen that tells us to press the power button to restart the iMac. Do we need to delete his account?

A: The grey screen with “restart” you are seeing means your Mac is experiencing a kernel panic, which can indicate a problem with the hardware or an incompatible piece of software. The kernel is a piece of software that connects the operating system