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Q. I recently upgraded my Macs to version 10.5 Leopard, and I cannot figure out how to connect to my computers for File Sharing. When I connect I only see a “Drop Box”. How can I access other files on the shared Macs? A. The answer is simple—Apple has simplified File Sharing. You’re being confused … Read more →

Is your license suspended?

Is your software licensing in compliance? How do you know if it is? You may be surprised by the consequences if it is not. Many believe that only large companies are targeted by software compliance investigations. In reality, any individual or company, large or small, can end up paying large settlements for inappropriately-used software. We’ve … Read more →

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Q. Our company just upgraded our Microsoft Exchange server and I can no longer send attachments. If I attach a jpeg, it arrives as zero K in size, unless I send it as a zip file. Is there a workaround? A. The Internet deals best with ASCII text files. However many of the files we … Read more →

Spotting new features in Leopard

Apple Inc announced on October 16th that it will ship the next generation of its operating system—10.5, a.k.a. Leopard—on October 24, 2007. Leopard maintains Apple’s tradition of stunning graphics, incorporates over 300 new features, and continues to be extremely compatible with other hardware and devices—all while being based on the extremely secure and stable UNIX … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q & A

Q. I have a software issue. All the applications that I use often have started quitting unexpectedly. Garage Band, iPhoto, Safari, Mail. I can’t delete or reset without it quitting. Help! A. It may be a system font issue. The “Apple” applications use System Fonts in OS X. Fonts are normally cached by the system … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q & A

Q. I am having trouble with my email in Windows Vista. There is a message stuck in my Outbox that will not go away. I’ve called my ISP and they can offer no help. What can I do? A. Welcome to “Windows Mail”, Microsoft’s replacement for Outlook Express (the free email program that came with … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q & A

I have a MacBook and a couple of PCs. I also have an external 1TB drive on my Mac. I can mount the Mac’s internal hard drive on my PCs but I cannot mount the 1TB hard drive. How can I get the 1TB hard drive to mount on my PC?  One of the cool … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q & A

The other day when my Macintosh started, it came up with the registration screen but it wouldn’t let me quit. So I restarted my Mac. Then it came up with an error saying “/etc/master.passwd: no such file or directory”. I don’t want to erase my files and I can’t reinstall the system. What can I … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A

I recently bought my first Mac after using a PC for years. On my PC, there were thumbnails of each picture in folders with images. How do I see the same thing in the Finder? With Mac OS X, you can view a folder of images as preview icons. In the Finder, open the folder … Read more →

Adobe Creative Suite 3 preview

Here comes Creative Suite 3! Adobe has been working on CS3 for the past 18 months, ever since Apple stunned the computing community by announcing that Macintosh computers would switch to Intel chips. Additionally, Adobe acquired its competitor Macromedia in 2005, which left many wondering what would happen to products like FreeHand and Flash. Well, … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A

Q – I want to use Windows on my Intel–based Mac, and I’ve heard there are different ways to run Windows. Which is the best method? A – It is true that you can run Windows on a Intel–based Mac now that Apple is using Intel processors as their main CPU. For all intents and … Read more →

Macworld Conference and Expo 2007

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard that Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at the Macworld Keynote on January 9, 2007. I did actually speak with someone a week later who hadn’t heard of the iPhone—so perhaps I may be wrong about a person’s dwellings. Macworld is huge—Apple’s largest … Read more →