Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A

Q. I have a file stuck in the Trash. It’s not locked, but I still can’t empty the Trash. What can I do about it? A. I hope you have already checked the permissions on the file. You can do that by selecting the file and choosing “Get Info” from the File menu. On the … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT guy Q and A

Q. I recently imported a Word document into a QuarkXPress document but now I can’t save the file. QuarkXPress says that it can only save “single language files”. I don’t have a copy of Word so I can’t check the file, so how can I save the file? A.  The Word file (.doc) you received … Read more →

Apple debuts new core

On August 7, 2006, Apple completed it's latest transition, with the addition of two new models. They introduced two Macintosh models based on the Intel platform, the Mac Pro and a new Xserve. In fact, these are the last two machines to be switched over to Intel and represent a major paradigm shift in the … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A

Q. I often cannot read my email in the Mail application. The message is missing or it says "Message has not been downloaded from the server" It's fine if I restart Mail. What's going on? A. The most likely case is that your Mail applications mail box (mbox) is too big. With the early versions … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A

Q. We have a small graphics department with 4 Macs with external hard drives and no server. We use each other’s files often, but we have a problem with permissions. The files are often locked so we can’t open them and save them. It’s very frustrating. How can we get rid of permissions? A. The … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A

Q. When I choose a printer, I see the same printer twice when running Classic. One of the printers I see doesn’t work. How do I get rid of the second printer? A. Many users still required Classic to run legacy applications. They could be sales or accounting applications, which may never be written for … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A – March 2006

Q. We seem to have a lot of trouble printing Pantone® colors lately. We chose two different looking colors on screen that print the same on our colour printer. We also notice that the Pantone® colours are wrong in Adobe Photoshop CS2 and don’t convert to CMYK the way they did in older versions of … Read more →

Tiger tales

Back in 1999, when Apple announced that its new operating system was going to be based on Unix, I was pleased. I eagerly sent for my copy of Mac OS X Beta, knowing that I was asking for trouble. What would happen to my favorite applications – Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Illustrator and FileMaker Pro – and … Read more →

Using ‘curves’ in Photoshop a snap

One of the more powerful uses of Photoshop is making adjustments to the images. As the program has advanced, many features have been added to simplifY the task. The use of “Curves” may seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s take a look at a simple but effective adjustment you can make. Before … Read more →

More Tricks Revealed

Over the past few years, many of us have made the switch to either Mac OS X or Windows XP. From my perspective, they are very similar operating systems. Both operating systems have many timesaving techniques that could be put to use to make your day a little easier. Here are a few: In the … Read more →