Automating Tasks in Photoshop

At the bottom of the Actions Pallet are the controls to play a selected Action. You can start to record, stop, play an action, create a new set or delete an Action. Like most of the pallets in Photoshop, there is a triangle at the top right of the pallet, where you can access the … Read more →

Pre-Press Buzzword Secret Decoder

To begin with, there are two basic image formats used in print: vector and raster (also called bitmap). The vector format is used for graphics and text, and is composed of lines and fills. Each element that makes up a vector image is made up of text instructions written in the PostScript language. PostScript allows … Read more →

Spyware, Malware and Other Aggravations

By-products of these applications are pop-up and pop-under windows and other annoyances that come with surfing the Internet. These applications are created and used by marketers and hackers who want to data mine information about you without your knowledge. If you want to check your computer for spyware, go to and download their free … Read more →

Remote Control With SSH

The concept of having a user account was created to allow several users to log in. Users would sit down in front of a monitor with a keyboard that was connected to the main computer. These remote connections were referred to as “terminals”. When an operator wants to connect to a computer via command line, … Read more →

Becoming a Super User

You have already experienced becoming a super user while using the Aqua GUI. Whenever you try to install an application or an update, you will be asked to enter your username and password. Although you’ve already logged in, the “Authentication Manager” is challenging you to prove that you are an administrator. This is one of … Read more →

How To Use the Finder to Find Files

Finding files is one area where Macs excel. Since System 7, you simply hit “Command” and “F” and entered part of the file or folder name and hit return. Your Mac opened each found file or folder one at a time. This grew into a sophisticated “Find” application and was later renamed “Sherlock.” It finally … Read more →