Six more ways to be a good employer

Last month’s column explained how being a good employer can improve your profits, business sustainability and customer satisfaction – and offered practical suggestions to position your company as an employer people want to work for. This month’s column continues the same theme with six more tips on how to be a good employer: 1) Recognize … Read more →

People drive technology

The time is ripe for digital print. The mega-popularity of cell phones, microwaves and text messaging proves society’s ever-increasing demand for speed and convenience, while the rise of spam filters and commercial-free on-demand TV shows that people only want to receive individualized messages relevant to them personally. According to consultant Rick Littrell, these societal trends … Read more →

Benefits of outsourcing

As a business strategy,outsourcing has become accepted as a viable way to improve a company’s productivity at reduced cost. It is often leveraged so the businesses can invest their energies on their core activities by outsourcing the rest. In other words, businesses typically outsource non-revenueproducing support services that are not a core activity of the … Read more →

Surviving the Management Paradigm Shift

Historically, the printing business has concentrated on the goal of getting the work out. In that context, leadership was mainly a reactive process, focused on supervising and managing the workflow in response to customer requirements. Companies gave little regard to their actual work process—the sequence of steps that got the work done or the staff … Read more →

Managing Staff and Technology

Build a learning organization “From the start, I had conceptualized the ideal of a learning organization. I wanted to develop employees’ skills and include the ability to constantly learn,” says Ian. “In particular, I had seen a lot of film houses where desktop operators were secretive about their knowledge to protect their positions and get … Read more →

Invest in the Best

Take computers as an example. Are you likely to buy a refurbished PowerMac 7500 with 32 meg of RAM for your business? Of course not! Although you can get the machine dirt cheap, you’d probably never consider economizing to that extent on a computer. Instead, you’d probably look for a G5 or G4 with 512 … Read more →

The Value of Profile Testing

“What the tests do is reveal people for who they really are,” says Myrna Penny, Managing Director for Printlink. “On a resume and in interviews, most job seekers try to appear perfect. For example, to succeed in sales requires the ability to keep bouncing back from rejection, and finding out if someone actually has this … Read more →

Navigating the People Side of Succession

Additionally, did you know that personnel specialists could help you navigate the people side of succession? Far from being trivial considerations, the personalities, feelings and motivations of the people involved are important issues for successful succession planning and ongoing management. Like finances and legalities, they require expert handling to ensure optimum long-term results. A succession … Read more →

Printlink Announcement

PrintLink has built a trustworthy reputation by following a strong work ethic. They do not recruit candidates from existing employers but qualify candidates who contact the agency directly. Most candidates are actively employed and want to explore new opportunities discreetly – a situation that gives employers the benefit of accessing hard-to-reach, motivated employees. Company’s president … Read more →

A Great Canadian Success Story

Besides providing the biggest opportunity of the year to unwind from the pressures of the printing business, the event also promotes a feeling of comradeship that you have to experience personally to appreciate. The fluctuations of a golf game are much like the ups and downs of commerce, and our tournament’s fans have discovered the … Read more →

OAQP ‘Benefit the Whole Industry’

At our April Annual Meeting, Vincent De Franco, former Director of Marketing for St. Joseph Print Group and former editor of PrintAction, helped us explore the current state of the printing industry and what services and direction OAQP should pursue in the coming year. On the subject of professional associations, DeFranco said: “I love to … Read more →