How Can OAQP Help?

Meanwhile, the TrendWatch Graphic Arts (TWGA) Printing Forecast 2004 report on How the Printing Industry Can Survive the Economic Recovery says optimism is returning. According to their findings, 39% of all print and prepress firms expect “excellent” conditions in 2004, up 13% from the spring of 2003. According to TWGA’s website, printers who have seen … Read more →

‘Bonus Down’ for Tax Time

"’Bonusing down’ is something small business should definitely consider," said Saverino, "It means bringing down the level of income in the business to a point where it can receive a preferential tax rate; for example, by taking out a salary from the business. Specifically, businesses can receive a preferred tax rate if their income is … Read more →

Words of Courage For 2004

Take Stock of Yourself Lyman Henderson, consultant and founder of the print firm Davis Henderson, advises printers to have the guts to make an honest assessment of their managerial aptitude in the new business environment. In a recent column in Second Impressions, he wrote:   "Be prepared! Maybe the problem is you. Face it. Business … Read more →

Why Training is a Priority

According to the 1997 Oxford Training Review, to be most effective, company-training programs such as the OAQP’s conference should be ad hoc and focus on current business issues rather than standardized management systems. In conducting its review, Oxford Training analyzed information from directors, line managers and HRD professionals representing 65 leading European companies, including Eagle … Read more →

Conference to Focus on Industry Change

Speakers will address the fundamental question of how to build a business around you, your staff and your customers. What portion of your business will be focused on print? Where do you get objective consulting to transition your offset and digital printing business into a well run profitable enterprise? Sponsored by HP, Barb Pellow, Chair … Read more →

Using Psychographics to Communicate

The Power of Psychographics According to Suzanne, with the growing complexity and diversity of society, traditional demographic and life cycle measures are no longer sufficient for understanding the psychology of marketing. Social values provide a much deeper understanding of where your products and services fit into the lives of your customers and how your communications … Read more →

September Seminar Helps You Increase Profits

“Printers don’t just need the right equipment. They need support for their business after purchasing the equipment,” says Bill. “The alternative is that printers buy equipment that they don’t know how to market and then when the equipment fails, they go back and blame the manufacturers.” Bill’s role is to fill the information gap. He … Read more →

Celebrating the Proud History of Printing

Formerly called the Mackenzie Heritage Printery Museum, it was renamed to include the history of newspapers in Canada. The museum welcomed its latest corporate sponsor, the Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA), a non-profit organization of 84 English and French dailies dedicated to ensuring a free national press. The museum’s featured exhibit, “Canada’s Newspaper Story,” traces the … Read more →