By who’s values

Competition knows no greater intensity than on the ice, the links or court. It’s perhaps a personal counter to what we do In business: equivocate. Successful, differentiated selling requires knowledge-supremacy over competitors. Merely meeting competition on some dimension like price is inferior to proposjng a value proposition that pushes the player past break even into … Read more →

Exporting Print to the USA

Well, profit de /’occasion. As traditional exporters become discouraged and seek new markets, new exporters are eager to take advantage of opportunity. With a population aof over 300 million people, Americans consume over $192US billion of print, yet only 0.9%, ($1.8US billion) is imported from Canada. However, this tiny sliver represents 1/6th of Canada’s total … Read more →

Printing Competition Across the Continents

Editor’s note: This article is based on Mr. Mallardi’s presentation to the recent Graphic Arts Marketing Information Service and was rewritten with a Canadian context exclusively for Graphic Arts Magazine. It isn’t Canadian heritage when many of the country’s photographic art books, posters, calendars and packaging are not printed in Canada. This is painfully evident … Read more →