PyroGenesis targets inkjet 3D printing market with new ultra-fine powder production process

Montreal-based PyroGenesis Canada, a Canadian plasma process specialist, is developing a new, plasma-based process for the production of metal 3D printing powders. The new process could have a greater market impact than its original Plasma Atomization technology. Over the last few years, the company has gradually laid the foundations for its re-entry into metal powder … Read more →

Oxford Performance Materials commercializes its proprietary OXPEKK custom compounds

Oxford Performance Materials (OPM, South Windsor, Connecticut), has announced the commercial launch of its high-performance materials family – OXPEKK. As additive manufacturing (3D printing) begins to find more applications, there’s an inherent need for higher-performance materials. “OXPEKK is a special breed of polymer with a desirable combination of processing and performance attributes that address some … Read more →

A look at the next five years in 3D Printing

Here, Paul Guillaumot, CEO of Singapore-based Spare Parts 3D, as part of a thought-leadership series from, takes a look at additive manufacturing in the near future In recent years, exciting news of new 3D printing technologies and applications are reported on an almost daily basis. Looking collectively at the emerging new capabilities of additive … Read more →

New study confirms safety of 3D printing materials

A study funded by SajTom Light Future, a privately held company headquartered in Poland, has looked into the emissions produced by common 3D printer filaments ABS, PLA, PET and nylon. The research supports an existing and extensive body of research proving that, with adequate ventilation and common sense, the melting of materials like ABS, PLA, … Read more →

Simplify3D releases Version 4.0 software with improved workflow and customization tools

Simplify3D (Cincinnati, Ohio), one of the industry’s most popular 3D printing software tools for optimizing models for printing, has released Version 4.0. The updated software streamlines the 3D printing workflow process and also includes new customization tools. “We’ve always been focused on pushing the limits of what you can accomplish with additive manufacturing,” said Clayton … Read more →

Free whitepaper explores how 3D printing can be combined with more traditional technologies

Online resource has revealed, in a timely article by Clare Scott, a new, free whitepaper from Stratasys that explains how 3D printing can be combined with other, more traditional manufacturing technologies such as CNC machining, investment casting, injection molding, and so on. The whitepaper provides helpful information for anyone in the manufacturing field – … Read more →

Ryerson students win scholarships in Stratasys 2017 Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge

Stratasys, a global leader in 3D printing and additive solutions, materials and services, has announced the winners of its 13th annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge. In the competition, secondary and college-level students are tasked with creating or improving a product to fulfill an unmet need. This year, winning entries include prosthetic devices, practical tools … Read more →

University of Waterloo receives $27 million grant to pursue Additive Manufacturing

The University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario) has received $27 million CAD ($20 million USD) in funding to set up a “world-class” additive manufacturing laboratory. According to the university, when fully equipped, its Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing (MSAM) lab will be “one of the 10 largest university-based AM facilities in the world.” The Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Lab … Read more →