How to get funding for your 3D printing projects

Here, Elliot Schiller, a Director at Toronto’s Teeger Schiller Inc., a firm specializing in government funding and systems selection and implementation, investigates how to get government funding for your 3D projects. His clients receive over $5 million annually to support ongoing business innovation. E-mail, visit or phone 1-888-816-0222 Ext. 102. Are you developing … Read more →

Your next shirt might have an MP3 player integrated into the fabric!

Israeli 3D printer and 3D printed electronics manufacturer Nano Dimension recently completed tests on a new process that successfully 3D-printed conductive materials onto textiles. The pre-treated fabric had the conductive pattern printed on it using Nano Dimension’s DragonFly 2020 3D Printer and its AgCite Silver Nanoparticle conductive ink. After collaborating with a leading European textile … Read more →

Check out the world’s first 3D Printed office!

The world’s first 3D printed office, created using a 20-foot-tall 3D printer with a 120-foot-long robotic arm, currently sits in Dubai. In fact, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates is continuing to emerge as an impressive global and business hub of the Middle East. So it’s not surprising that its leaders have … Read more →

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