Communications, Xploration and millennials

A new generation of buyers is driving changes in the customer experience Earlier this year I attended Xploration18, an annual event produced by Xplor International, which delves into the what, why and how of enterprise communications industry trends, best practices, regulations, and new technologies. Xplor is a not-for-profit association that provides thought leadership to the … Read more →

The next killer app is you

How to align you, the real person, with your virtual alter-ego Have you ever connected with a new friend online only to later discover that the online version of that person and the real-world, physical version of that person are, well, two very different people? That can be unnerving. If you’ve been following the last … Read more →

Make your marketing effective in the digital age

Five simple steps to make your programs and strategies pop In today’s modern marketing world, businesses of all kinds have created many ways to disrupt and attract customers from their competitors. With information so readily available, anyone can track how a business attracts and maintains its customers. Unfortunately, there’s no golden secret to uncover: when … Read more →

Be Lean: reduce waste, improve margins, sell more

How to make continuous improvement part of your business strategy This is the second article in a four-part series on lean manufacturing for printers. This installment focuses on wastes found in the project management and prepress areas. In the final two articles, we’ll look at how lean principles can improve your logistics, administration, press, and … Read more →

Inkjet press update

A look at the latest models from leading vendors Inkjet printing is one of the fastest growing technologies in the printing industry today. Inkjet is a type of computer printing that recreates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic or other substrates. Today, inkjet is the most commonly used type of … Read more →

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hello GAM readers! I wanted to take this opportunity to share some exciting news. This summer we will be adding another feisty little girl to our family. I’m excited to meet her, but as I’ve been told by many veteran parents, two is more than double the work. As a result I will be stepping … Read more →

Friesens investing for the future

Sir Wilfrid Laurier was our prime minister. The world’s first rotary telephone was used in Nova Scotia. And in that same year of 1907 in the small town of Altona, Manitoba, D.W. Friesen opened his first business – a small confectionery store. Today, employee-owned Friesens Corporation has grown into the largest printer of hardcover books … Read more →

Inkjet on the horizon

Just about every printing segment will feel the impact of this technology. Here’s an update on what to expect Wikipedia defines inkjet printing as “…a type of computer printing that recreates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, or other substrates.”  Unlike many technologies that began as expensive items and evolved into broad consumer products (think … Read more →

Imageworks: Adapt, evolve and invest – over $1 million in new technology and renovations

As a small trade printer in a competitive market, Imageworks Print & Prepress faced a critical challenge – evolve quickly or die a slow, painful death of obsolescence. Here’s how it carefully navigated a path less taken to realize exceptional growth and success. Imageworks (Richmond Hill, Ontario) faced a difficult challenge a few years ago … Read more →

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