Big Iron: offset press update

Big Iron: Offset press update

With the focus on digital printing, it seems as if nothing is happening with traditional sheetfed offset presses. Clearly digital printing technology is making great advancements in format, quality, speed and cost. The ability to do variable imaging is clearly digital’s unique value proposition. Beyond that, digital has almost completely replaced investment in 2-page presses; … Read more →

Organizational Biomimicry

Our world is nothing short of miraculous. All lifeforms on Earth are individually spectacular in form and function, and they’re also collectively brilliant. Earth’s ecosystems use sustainable models of life, death, and rebirth to maintain a delicate balance. Janine Benyus coined the term “biomimicry” nearly 25 years ago and it refers to innovation inspired by … Read more →

How to feed your press a healthy diet of ROI

Some of today’s hottest revenue drivers for the print industry include packaging, embellishments, direct mail, textiles, signage and wide-format. According to piworld, the top 100 print buyers forecasted for 2020 will comprise more than 26% of all print demand next year and – at the present rate of corporate agglomeration – is forecasted to be … Read more →

One doesn’t dabble in packaging: Interview with titan James D. Downham, President & CEO PAC Packaging Consortium

When one discusses packaging with a titan, don’t start in the middle of the story. Sure, consumer demand, environmental conscientiousness and the strong push to right size and minimize packaging are driving the industry. But … according to Jim (James) Downham, President and CEO of PAC Packaging Consortium, the non-profit organization that advocates for progressive … Read more →