Inevitable Surprise

Since all of these surprises can be anticipated now, even if all of their flow-on effects are not yet clear, it makes good sense to start preparing for these future realities earlier rather than later. In particular, there are seven inevitable surprises that will play out over the next 25 years: Inevitable Surprise #1 – … Read more →

Creating Your Digital Darkroom

Calibrating your monitor To calibrate your monitor and create a monitor profile you have two options, the accurate way or the not so accurate way. Avoid the not so accurate subjective method such as Adobe Gamma. This system lulls you into a false sense of security. The best method is to use a software and … Read more →

Is Your Marketing Manager Redundant?

The fact is, if your firm sells services (or a product with an essential service component such as print), the traditional role of a marketing manager is probably redundant. If so, you should move fast to redefine your marketing manager’s role — to provide him with something of substance to manage, and to provide your … Read more →

The Importance of Credibility

What is the value of a beating heart? How much is a dedicated mind worth? No amount of money can buy either. It’s not so much the cost; it is the value of these items. There is a cost in nurturing and developing a strong heart and dedicated mind, but their value is measured by … Read more →

Better Than All Cash

Today, banks pay greater attention to cash flows and debt to equity ratios. Before, it wasn’t uncommon to see equity ratios of 4:1 or 3:1; however, banks now require a bank debt to equity ratio of about 2:1, and some are even using a 1:1 ratio. Another ratio we see the banks using is cash … Read more →

Spyware, Malware and Other Aggravations

By-products of these applications are pop-up and pop-under windows and other annoyances that come with surfing the Internet. These applications are created and used by marketers and hackers who want to data mine information about you without your knowledge. If you want to check your computer for spyware, go to and download their free … Read more →

Is Your Tax Information Accurate?

Let me give you an example. When I was a student, I worked with a client, Raymond, who owned a successful wholesale auto parts business. Raymond really knew his business. He bought inventory well, and turned it over quickly. He was also one of the first computer users that I knew. Raymond had purchased this … Read more →

Ten Things Authentic Leaders Do

They speak their truth. We frequently ‘swallow our truth’. We say things to please others and to look good in front of the Crowd. Authentic leaders are different. They consistently talk truth. They would never betray themselves by using words that are not aligned with who they are. This does not give anyone a license … Read more →

Trends Worth Billions

Would you invest in the pizza trend today? That all depends on where you believe the trend is heading – up or down. With hindsight, we can look at this trend and identify some of the factors that led to its growth: convenience, growing families, working moms, increased disposable income, swarms of hungry teens, delivery … Read more →