GATF Tech Alert 2004 Conference: Technology Offers Niche Opportunities

According to Dr. Gamota, one potential electronics product, radio frequency identifier (RFID), could be manufactured inexpensively using conventional printing platforms that have been modified to accommodate sub-micron features. The printed ‘OFET process’ is a four-step process for printing the separate elements of the transistor: gate, dielectric, source, drain and active layer. Attendees were shown how … Read more →

Photoshop CS (8) Tips and Tricks

Interpolation: Photoshop CS offers two new interpolation algorithms for resizing images. Both are derived from the bicubic interpolation, but focus on keeping the image sharper or smoother. Typically, Bicubic Smoother works better on images you need to enlarge and removes the need for intermediate interpolation, while Bicubic Sharper is better for down sampling images when … Read more →

Three Sales Myths to Debunk

Myth #2 Just because your salespeople make presentations to prospects on a daily basis, it is best to leave the design of your sales presentation to them. Singers are not necessarily songwriters and actors are not necessarily screenwriters. It is management’s responsibility to provide a compelling value proposition for their salespeople to present and to … Read more →

How Can OAQP Help?

Meanwhile, the TrendWatch Graphic Arts (TWGA) Printing Forecast 2004 report on How the Printing Industry Can Survive the Economic Recovery says optimism is returning. According to their findings, 39% of all print and prepress firms expect “excellent” conditions in 2004, up 13% from the spring of 2003. According to TWGA’s website, printers who have seen … Read more →

Spyware, Malware and Other Aggravations

By-products of these applications are pop-up and pop-under windows and other annoyances that come with surfing the Internet. These applications are created and used by marketers and hackers who want to data mine information about you without your knowledge. If you want to check your computer for spyware, go to and download their free … Read more →

Is Your Tax Information Accurate?

Let me give you an example. When I was a student, I worked with a client, Raymond, who owned a successful wholesale auto parts business. Raymond really knew his business. He bought inventory well, and turned it over quickly. He was also one of the first computer users that I knew. Raymond had purchased this … Read more →

Ten Things Authentic Leaders Do

They speak their truth. We frequently ‘swallow our truth’. We say things to please others and to look good in front of the Crowd. Authentic leaders are different. They consistently talk truth. They would never betray themselves by using words that are not aligned with who they are. This does not give anyone a license … Read more →

‘Bonus Down’ for Tax Time

"’Bonusing down’ is something small business should definitely consider," said Saverino, "It means bringing down the level of income in the business to a point where it can receive a preferential tax rate; for example, by taking out a salary from the business. Specifically, businesses can receive a preferred tax rate if their income is … Read more →

Tax Strategies 101

The two things that will rob you of more than you can imagine in your lifetime are fear and impatience. When it comes to filing your taxes, fear is the first stumbling block to getting the best deal you can. Fear will prevent you from paying the least amount of tax you have to pay. … Read more →

How the Mars Pancam Takes Such Great Pictures

From 10 feet away, Pancam has a resolution of 1 millimeter per pixel. “It’s Mars like you’ve never seen it before,” says Steven Squyres, Cornell professor of astronomy and principal investigator for the suite of scientific instruments carried by the rovers. The word pixel is derived from the term “picture element.” Digital images are composed … Read more →

Trends Worth Billions

“If I knew I could adjust my strategy but I can’t identify the root cause. That’s what’s frustrating me.” •   •   • “I’ve been marketing this way for years and it’s always produced results. So why has the response rate dropped?” asked Gordon, during a break from his print shop. “I have a … Read more →

Maintaining Your Motivation

Fortunately, the company had structured the entire program to create energy, excitement and to foster team enthusiasm. They had a theme and encouraged their vendors to incorporate the theme into each of their presentations. They awarded prizes for the team with the most energy and highest level of participation, and by the time dinner was … Read more →