‘Bonus Down’ for Tax Time

"’Bonusing down’ is something small business should definitely consider," said Saverino, "It means bringing down the level of income in the business to a point where it can receive a preferential tax rate; for example, by taking out a salary from the business. Specifically, businesses can receive a preferred tax rate if their income is … Read more →

Tax Strategies 101

The two things that will rob you of more than you can imagine in your lifetime are fear and impatience. When it comes to filing your taxes, fear is the first stumbling block to getting the best deal you can. Fear will prevent you from paying the least amount of tax you have to pay. … Read more →

How the Mars Pancam Takes Such Great Pictures

From 10 feet away, Pancam has a resolution of 1 millimeter per pixel. “It’s Mars like you’ve never seen it before,” says Steven Squyres, Cornell professor of astronomy and principal investigator for the suite of scientific instruments carried by the rovers. The word pixel is derived from the term “picture element.” Digital images are composed … Read more →

Trends Worth Billions

“If I knew I could adjust my strategy but I can’t identify the root cause. That’s what’s frustrating me.” •   •   • “I’ve been marketing this way for years and it’s always produced results. So why has the response rate dropped?” asked Gordon, during a break from his print shop. “I have a … Read more →

Maintaining Your Motivation

Fortunately, the company had structured the entire program to create energy, excitement and to foster team enthusiasm. They had a theme and encouraged their vendors to incorporate the theme into each of their presentations. They awarded prizes for the team with the most energy and highest level of participation, and by the time dinner was … Read more →

High Impact Brochures

Your first step is to define your objective. What challenge do you want your brochure to solve? To assist in the sale of your products or services, or to introduce yourself to potential stakeholders in your business? Each scenario calls for a different document. Once you know your objective, the next step is to consider … Read more →

Digital SLR Cameras vs. Film Scans

A film scan on the other hand is a second-generation image. The first generation is camera lens to film and the second generation is film to scanner CCD. Digital camera images are first generation with the camera lens producing the final image. Each step in the process of image creation introduces the probability of some … Read more →

Strategic moves That Boost Your Profits

Carefully consider these options. You should be able to implement at least one or two of them immediately. Drop your least profitable offerings and concentrate on your most profitable ones. Note that I said “profitable” – not those bringing in the most or least money overall. First you need to sort your products and services … Read more →

“I’m Lovin It”

My two-year old granddaughter is mesmerized by the “Change is good!” ad currently running by McDonald’s. It caused me to stop and see what was going on. This 30-second clip has all the elements of good advertising: design, music, humour, children, a problem, a solution, consensus and a memorable jingle … “I’m lovin’ it”. But … Read more →

How to Use Consultants Effectively

Who are these consultants? Why do firms use them? A consultant can be anyone, from the member of a large firm to a one-person shop. They have been used for a number of reasons. The client may not have the expertise for a specific project and the project does not justify hiring a full-time person. … Read more →

Steps to Writing Print Ads that Sell

Buying a Refurbished Brand Name Photocopier Can Knock 15% Off Your Supply Costs – Before You Even Turn It On. The next line of copy might read something like, Consumer reports show that a refurbished brand name copier operates with 15% more efficiency than most other refurbished products. The reason? The brand name photocopier’s allows … Read more →

What is My Business Worth?

The reality is that determining the value of a business is anything but a simple question. There are many ways to estimate the value of a business . . . and “off the top of my head” is one that I generally will not use! There are many commonly used rules of thumb, which can … Read more →