Mum’s the Word When Selling a Business

You could have an exclusive arrangement with a supplier who, if he became aware that you were contemplating selling, might be encouraged to transfer the supplier agreement to a competitor. Customers, who are concerned about the ongoing source of supply and continuity of both quality and delivery, might be inclined to search for another supplier … Read more →

Dealing With Burnout

The first step in dealing with burnout is to acknowledge that you’re tired. Tired of the routine. Tired of dealing with the same old problems. Tired of putting out fires. Tired of too many masters and not enough help. Tired of excuses. Maybe tired of your own success. This exhaustion is a wedge that comes … Read more →

The Power of Exhibit Marketing

It’s a simple philosophy; motivated and interested buyers travelling to touch, see and experience the various goods and services being offered by the sellers. I visit dozens of shows a year. When I walk around these shows and talk to the booth personnel working the exhibits, one resounding message is clear. Most of them would … Read more →

Telephone Techniques That Stand Out

Start With A Smile You’ve probably met someone who’s warm and friendly in person but sounds like a drone on the phone. Some people aren’t aware of their demeanor when talking on the phone and this comes across in the person’s voice. Starting every call – whether you receive or initiate it – with a … Read more →

Your Marketing Sucks

Stevens identifies eight common myths about marketing – from the notion that any marketing is better than no marketing to ignoring what everyone else is doing. Good advice! Marketing is a complex, multi-dimensional activity. Unfortunately, marketing continues to be more of a guessing game with a lot ventured but little gained. When I ask clients … Read more →

Conference to Focus on Industry Change

Speakers will address the fundamental question of how to build a business around you, your staff and your customers. What portion of your business will be focused on print? Where do you get objective consulting to transition your offset and digital printing business into a well run profitable enterprise? Sponsored by HP, Barb Pellow, Chair … Read more →

Is it Time For an LCD Monitor?

First, let’s bring to an end the rumor that has kept many experts from recommending LCD monitors: the gamut of a LCD monitor is too small for accurate prepress work. This was true with the earlier version of the Cinema Display but the newest 20” Cinema display’s gamut is only a few percent smaller than … Read more →

Executive Outlook Conference 2003

“Surviving After the Economic Upturn” was addressed by NAPL’s Chief Economist Andrew Paparozzi as he reiterated, “The rising tide will not lift all boats!” The recession actually ended two years ago, as measured by GDP growth, and yet the printing industry has continued to suffer as “excesses and imbalances have not been cleaned up since … Read more →

Making a Comfy Workspace

Plants, Plants, Plants   Living things instantly create a homey, happier workspace. If you don’t have a green thumb – and before resorting to fake plants – try a collection of drought-tolerant cacti. Forgetting about them is actually good for the plant since they only need to be watered a drop or two once every … Read more →

PostScript RIPs for Large Format Printing

Bestcolor EFI has launched their all-new Best Colorproof, Screenproof and Designer Edition Software. Using Adobe PostScript 3, an integrated spot color library for Pantone, HKS and Toyo, brand new spot color management and new printer support, these three software packages are more efficient, more flexible and enable faster job completion in the pre-press industry … Read more →

Remote Control With SSH

The concept of having a user account was created to allow several users to log in. Users would sit down in front of a monitor with a keyboard that was connected to the main computer. These remote connections were referred to as “terminals”. When an operator wants to connect to a computer via command line, … Read more →

Get Business Now: Play by the Marketing Rules

• Market Solutions • Target Your Market • Demonstrate Value • Build Your Network • Stay in Touch Market Solutions Most service professionals focus their marketing on their expertise, their approach and the products and services they offer. While competence is a key to doing the work, most clients’ primary concern is getting problems solved … Read more →