How to Promote Your Web Site

Descriptive page title – use key words and eliminate filler words like “and” and “the”. Description META tag – a sentence or two describing your business and containing the main keywords and phrases from your body text. Keywords META tag – add all keywords and important phrases from the body text. No longer used for … Read more →

A Quick Lesson on Advertising

In the pre-industrialization era, printing was the favoured form of advertising. The printing press was invented in Germany in 1450. By 1480 a poster was stuck on a church door advertising the sale of a book and the following year, the first catalogue appeared. In 1591 the first newspaper made its debut. From 1800 to … Read more →

Colour Management Setup 101

With so many advantages, why do so many print shops and designers turn off colour management in Photoshop and Illustrator? I believe it is fear of change; fear that colour management may incorrectly modify the data and fear of not completely understanding what colour management is doing. So let’s begin with the basics. A solid … Read more →

The Promise of Remote Proofing

Remote proofing encompasses two different approaches: either sharing files between designers, customers and printers which are output on a digital printer/proofer of some sort, or soft proofing the file which is done via a calibrated monitor. Soft-proofing methods can range from the basic PDF files transferred via email or FTP sites and systems that allow … Read more →

A Time for Hiring

Hiring is an important process and the decisions you make can have a positive or negative effect on your business. Here’s how to get a great employee. For most entry-level jobs, placing a classified ad in a newspaper is most effective. First you must identify your target audience and find which publication serves that demographic. … Read more →

10 Myths About Time Management

Myth 2 Time management involves getting more done in less time. Some people may believe that, but effective time management refers to getting done fewer things of greater importance. We cannot possibly do everything we want to do, or all the things there are to do. But if we prioritize what there is to do, … Read more →

The Power of Competition

Competition in business is a good thing. It separates the mediocre from the outstanding by continually raising the bar. Competition improves entire industries and ultimately the quality of our lives. It pushes us to be better than we thought we were able. However, when competition becomes corrupt, it acts like an acid eating up the … Read more →

Understanding The Corporate Buyer

But corporate clients are not always easy to acquire. And if you don’t understand the reality of the corporate environment, you may sabotage even a hot lead. Here are five important keys to working with the corporate buyer. 1. Managers are busy. This is true in economic downturns as well as during a boom. When … Read more →

For Openers

The way you and your front line employees greet walk-in customers has a huge impact on your bottom line. Here are some tips to ensure that you and your employees greet customers in a way that makes them want to buy and keep coming back. 1. Show that you recognize them If you deal with … Read more →

What’s Your Business Worth?

Years ago, while operating a community newspaper and print shop in British Columbia, our year-end was the time when we would huddle around the table and appraise the value of our investment. We would employ a number of industry formulas, discuss influencing factors like goodwill and play what-if scenarios with potential buyers. Each year the … Read more →

How To Use the Finder to Find Files

Finding files is one area where Macs excel. Since System 7, you simply hit “Command” and “F” and entered part of the file or folder name and hit return. Your Mac opened each found file or folder one at a time. This grew into a sophisticated “Find” application and was later renamed “Sherlock.” It finally … Read more →

September Seminar Helps You Increase Profits

“Printers don’t just need the right equipment. They need support for their business after purchasing the equipment,” says Bill. “The alternative is that printers buy equipment that they don’t know how to market and then when the equipment fails, they go back and blame the manufacturers.” Bill’s role is to fill the information gap. He … Read more →