I’ll Meet You at the Trade Show

I’ve attended a fair share of trade shows in my life, as both an attendee and exhibitor, and I’m not sure which role brought the most satisfaction. Like so much of business wisdom, I learned considerably more about trade shows from my experience than any course or weekend seminar. Trade shows are part of the … Read more →

How to Promote Your Web Site

Descriptive page title – use key words and eliminate filler words like “and” and “the”. Description META tag – a sentence or two describing your business and containing the main keywords and phrases from your body text. Keywords META tag – add all keywords and important phrases from the body text. No longer used for … Read more →

A Quick Lesson on Advertising

In the pre-industrialization era, printing was the favoured form of advertising. The printing press was invented in Germany in 1450. By 1480 a poster was stuck on a church door advertising the sale of a book and the following year, the first catalogue appeared. In 1591 the first newspaper made its debut. From 1800 to … Read more →

Colour Management Setup 101

With so many advantages, why do so many print shops and designers turn off colour management in Photoshop and Illustrator? I believe it is fear of change; fear that colour management may incorrectly modify the data and fear of not completely understanding what colour management is doing. So let’s begin with the basics. A solid … Read more →

Giclée Printing – a New Opportunity to Profit

These images are generally printed onto fine art paper or canvas and then framed. Artists can have their original paintings scanned and printed in the same way to create limited edition prints for a fraction of the cost of traditional printing. The growing interest in giclée has created dozens of ‘fine art printing’ companies. Giclée … Read more →

The Nature of Aggressiveness

I believe it has nothing to do with who you actually are, but how you feel and see yourself in the situation. That means you perceive the other person or circumstance as a threat. If you were to ask Charles Darwin the difference between a human and an animal, he’d probably reply, “Not much.” Observe … Read more →

Self-Leadership Through Self-Renewal

As you improve your leadership capacities, I encourage you to make the time for self-renewal and personal regeneration. Make the time to nourish the child within you. Make the time to recreate who you are and see the world through a new set of eyes. Carve out some time to bring balance back into your … Read more →

Becoming a Super User

You have already experienced becoming a super user while using the Aqua GUI. Whenever you try to install an application or an update, you will be asked to enter your username and password. Although you’ve already logged in, the “Authentication Manager” is challenging you to prove that you are an administrator. This is one of … Read more →

Using Psychographics to Communicate

The Power of Psychographics According to Suzanne, with the growing complexity and diversity of society, traditional demographic and life cycle measures are no longer sufficient for understanding the psychology of marketing. Social values provide a much deeper understanding of where your products and services fit into the lives of your customers and how your communications … Read more →

Are You Too Busy to be Productive?

To find out how, answer the following questions according to your current practices. Then read the accompanying suggestion for the best way to optimize your time and effectiveness. What is normally your first task of the day? a) returning phone calls b) administrative paperwork c) work on strategic projects d) dealing with customers e) responding … Read more →

How To Use the Finder to Find Files

Finding files is one area where Macs excel. Since System 7, you simply hit “Command” and “F” and entered part of the file or folder name and hit return. Your Mac opened each found file or folder one at a time. This grew into a sophisticated “Find” application and was later renamed “Sherlock.” It finally … Read more →