Knowing When to Quit

“Well, you know … everyone. Quitting means giving up. You couldn’t make it. You’re a loser,” came the reply. “But you’re fighting a losing battle. You’re over $80,000 in debt and by your own admission, you can’t see yourself really making it in this business any more. So what are you going to do?” I … Read more →

Keeping Your Growing Business Squeaky Clean

In Canada, there are approximately 30,000,000 tax filings annually, including personal income tax, corporate tax, commodity tax filings, employee source deduction remittances, sales taxes, and so on. That’s a lot of paper — and a lot of denuded forests — to ensure that we pay what we’re supposed to, according to the rules made by … Read more →

The Power of Strategic Alliances

Given the current state of the business environment and the competitiveness of the printing industry, companies forced to come-up with imaginative ways to enhance brand identity, connect with customers and attract top-notch employees. Regardless of size, companies are teaming up more than ever to enhance their competitiveness and keep pace with the rapid changes of … Read more →

To RIP or Not to RIP

First of all, if a file is coming from Photoshop it does not need to be “ripped”, it is already a raster image file. Newer versions of Photoshop serve as a very effective RIP in a variety of applications. For many low production environments, Photoshop and a little ingenuity is all that is needed. Try … Read more →

Getting Your Sales Staff to SMART

However, let’s acknowledge two big truths: 1) Asking for a tool is just the first step in wanting to introduce a process to your organization. You have to make it fit your circumstances, and 2) having spent the time to configure it to your company’s situation getting your team to use it requires more than … Read more →

The Value of Daily Conversations

One of the primary challenges to engaging in conversations at work is technology. While technology is a wonderful servant, in many instances it has become our master. Rather than walking down the hall to have a “belly to belly” conversation with a member of our team, we fire off an email. Rather than taking the … Read more →

The New Economy!

Making general statements, like tremendous change being eminent, is easy. Everyone would agree that change is moving at an accelerating pace. Unfortunately, how these changes will affect us is rather illusive and knowing how to respond to these changes is difficult because so many factors influence the process. People who make forecasts should be viewed … Read more →

The Shocking Truth About Your Image

Ironically, when corporations bring me in to speak at conventions on how to boost customer retention, I often find that there’s been little or no professional training for employees about personal image. Since it’s often awkward to confront employees on these sensitive issues, you need some ammunition to make the task easier. Here are four … Read more →