Inkjet: The Affordable Colour Solution

Imagine that you are a biology teacher, and you want to print handouts for tomorrow’s lesson on the human circulatory system. You want to use colour to differentiate between the three independent systems that make up the circulatory system: systemic (arteries, veins, coronary and portal vessels) cardiovascular (the heart), and pulmonary (the lungs). Colour is … Read more →

Insider Tips For Financial Success

As we enter a new decade, Graphic Arts Magazine would like to share these helpful tips from Steve Aprile, who is a CPA, CA and Certified Financial Planner at Grant Thornton in Markham, Ontario. His guidance has greatly helped us at Graphic Arts, and we hope that these tips he provides will also improve your … Read more →

MindFire launches groundbreaking, easy-to-use marketing technology to grow sales for printers

Next-generation Da Vinci marketing software builds upon 20+ years of proven technology that helps commercial printers boost their bottom line MindFire, the leading provider of marketing software and services for printers, has once again released innovative technology to help printers drive revenue. “For years, we’ve helped printers sell digital marketing services, such as combining direct … Read more →

View from the publisher: More success stories in a highly diverse issue

First let me congratulate SinaLite on its 21st anniversary. Launched in 1999 as Sina Printing, SinaLite has grown from a small, two-colour press storefront, to one of North America’s leading trade-only printing companies. It currently has several high-end presses and a complete bindery, both housed in a 100,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art production facility in Markham, Ontario. … Read more →

How printers can capitalize on the power of direct mail

With the help of technology and new ways to store, sort and analyze information, buying and selling services and products was transformed throughout the 60s and 70s. Civil rights, the women’s movement, anti-war and environmental movements challenged advertisers and marketers to rethink how they connected with consumers. In the late 60s, growing consumer data made … Read more →

Customer experience expectations in 2020

PEW Generational Chart - Customer experience expectations in 2020

Study after study supports the fact that consumers will pay more for a better customer experience and are four times more likely to jump to the competition when a problem is service-related versus product or price-related – or if they feel they weren’t treated well. It’s this mindset that’s fuelling this generation’s business buyer. Feeling … Read more →