The anatomy of packaging design

First in a two-part series examining the role of graphic regulations  Graphic design plays a major role in packaging across the packaging spectrum, but it also has a series of constraints that must always be considered before executing any project. Grasping the key concepts early will save time and, ultimately, money. The first design element … Read more →

22 ideas to keep top of mind this year

From sales to technology trends, our experts weigh in with critical tips and strategies you should be focused on to improve your business 2018 is just getting started. You’re probably well into implementing your strategic plans, but we wanted to give you something to think about. We asked some of our regular contributors and other … Read more →

Industry veteran Sturhahn to boost awareness and value of the CPISTF as a new trustee

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund (CPISTF) has strengthened its management team by appointing Gunther Sturhahn as its newest trustee. Now 60, he recently retired from a successful 40-year career in the wholesale paper distribution industry. Sturhahn will work closely with the CPISTF Board of Trustees to support and … Read more →

Uncertainty, chaos – and yet hope

At the end of this column each month, I encourage everyone to “stay positive and stay focused.” Never in recent history has there been a time to tune out the political lies, rhetoric and turmoil and concentrate on your business. I’m currently in the process of reading two books – What Happened by Hillary Clinton … Read more →

Is your content stale and redundant?

Here are ten ideas to kickstart your creativity Boring, wordy blog posts and repetitive social media updates are a surefire way to get your content passed over. If your content is stale and redundant, why would customers and prospects come back for more? Trust me, I understand that coming up with great, image-rich content when … Read more →

How to build trust online and sell print

Digital conversations can be as effective as face-to-face encounters Here’s an approach you can use to sell more printing: Create a pad of printing order forms and leave the pad out on a table somewhere. Wait for someone to find it, fill out an order form, and send it to you. Who knows? Maybe today … Read more →