A callout to some key industry organizations

…and the events and educational opportunities they provide As we’ve always done in the past, Graphic Arts will continue to support industry organizations that keep you up to date with the latest technology, organize helpful events, promote networking, and help the future generation of print professionals. We encourage you to visit the websites of the … Read more →

SMART goals lead to business magic

This tried and true method for assessing success is still valid. Each year, millions of us set goals to lose weight, exercise more, make more money, and quit or cut back smoking or drinking. Unfortunately, we often bite off more than we can chew and expect sweeping results in a short time. As a result, … Read more →

Digital dialog: be heard and build trust

Using the right communication tools will help you gain customers’ trust Not too long ago I was discussing with a printer how he communicated with one of his customers. He told me that when he phoned this customer, his call almost always ended up in voicemail. However, if he really, really needed to get in … Read more →

Social media checklist for printers

The times they are a-changin’, and social media is no longer just for the trendy kids or the twenty-something web-entrepreneurs. Social media has become an important tool for all businesses, including print service providers. In a fast-paced world, social media is where customers and businesses congregate to get information, forge connections, and decide whether or … Read more →

Use grants to take you to the next level

But first articulate exactly where you want to go.  “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else,” — Yogi Berra, philosopher Often in business we think we should be heading in one direction only to have our customers tell us, either directly or with their money, that they want … Read more →

The anatomy of packaging design – Part 2

Material function and print processes determine design elements  In the first part of this series we discussed the graphic design elements for packaging and the considerations that need to be made to develop the canvas. We also must remember that the package is the vehicle for the product, designed first and foremost to protect what’s … Read more →

Print books vs. e-books – an update

Digital readers were supposed to kill print books. What happened? The e-book is the revolution that never came. About five to seven years ago there was a legitimate fear that the printed book was on the cusp of being made obsolete – a huge concern for those in the book trade. With the potential to … Read more →

2018 investment survey

Our first investment survey shows an industry in transition and in a hopeful mood. Welcome to our first survey – a look at how printers plan to invest this year and next. We also tried to gauge the mood of the industry, and were pleasantly surprised. It’s not wine and roses to be sure, but most … Read more →

Creatique expands to Canada from India

Last July Creatique opened a Canadian branch of its India-based parent company, offering a range of wide format services. Director Rajat Khera talked to Graphic Arts about his new business. What services do you offer? We offer complete visual communication products through our customized product range. We manufacture backlit/edge-lit displays and use layered printing technology … Read more →

Xerox and Fujifilm deal: a deeper look

No one knows exactly how this deal will shake out, but there’s no shortage of opinions about it On January 31, Xerox and Fujifilm announced that they’ll combine Xerox and their longstanding subsidiary, Fuji Xerox. Fujifilm will buy control of Xerox for about $6.1 billion and will name Jeff Jacobson, current Xerox CEO, to lead … Read more →