The proven power of direct mail – especially printed newsletters

Today’s internet provides an inexpensive way to reach and engage people one-on-one with timely, relevant and creative messages delivered directly to their inboxes. But the fact is that email is becoming a very crowded and competitive battleground for an audience’s attention. Yes, marketers and other companies (including commercial printers who can find the time and … Read more →

CanExport funding up to $150,000 per year for export market development

If you’re thinking about participating in tradeshows or developing new markets outside Canada, the Federal Government has increased the amount of financial assistance available for export activities. In late 2019, the feds increased export funding for manufacturers from 50% of your expenses to 75%, and increased the maximum they’ll fund to $150,000 annually, making it … Read more →

Landmark installation of Canada’s first Ricoh Pro VC70000 Inkjet Printer positions AIIM as a major Industry 4.0 player

Avant Imaging and Integrated Media (AIIM – Aurora, Ontario) partners with Ricoh Canada to deliver a vast suite of new services to the marketplace in record time – including unprecedented cost reductions for its customers. With the installation of the very first Ricoh Pro VC70000 High Speed Colour Inkjet Printer in Canada, AIIM now has … Read more →

Ten big branding mistakes you might be making

A well-crafted and well-executed brand strategy can cut through the noise of competing messages, articulate your promises to customers, set you apart from your competition, and establish yourself as a leader in your space. However, I see companies make the same mistakes over and over again when it comes to branding. Do you recognize yourself … Read more →

Chasing profitability in 2020

Chasing profitability in 2020

Financial experts are ‘cautiously optimistic’ as we explore predictions and issues that will affect your business decisions Deloitte’s economic indicators for 2020 and the Royal Bank’s Economic and Financial Market report, reveal a cautiously optimistic economic outlook for 2020 that will set the stage for continued yet moderate growth. Both agree, however, that the Canadian … Read more →