This is not your parents’ direct mail

This is not your parents’ direct mail

How a new fascination with an “old” channel is driving a resurgence in print Overflowing inboxes and a barrage of pop-ups have decreased our attention spans and caused ‘inbox triage strategies’ that delete messages literally in the blink of an eye. Printed direct mail, on the other hand, makes you at least pause while you … Read more →

Five resolutions for printers in 2020

Five resolutions for printers in 2020

Commit to self-improvement by reading a book a month. Former U.S. President Harry Truman once said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Of all the paths to self-improvement, none is as easy and inexpensive than reading a good business book. You’ll easily get through most books in a month if you … Read more →

2019: Year in review

From new tradeshows to new technologies, from new installations to new partnerships, here’s my annual look at what I believe are the top stories of 2019. Do you agree? My apologies to those deserving news items (including ones from December that occurred after our press deadline) that I was forced to omit. Story of the … Read more →

AIIM capitalizes on the future with the RICOH Pro VC70000 Colour Inkjet Platform

Avant Imaging and Integrated Media Inc (AIIM – Aurora, Ontario) have established themselves as visionaries within the Canadian Integrated Marketing Solutions space. Their continued success is attributed to their ability to react and adapt to new technologies to serve the unique needs of their growing customer base. With the purchase of the very first Ricoh … Read more →

A new generation of print leaders

Last month I discussed how our industry organizations, OEMs and educational institutions are continuing to be proactive in recruiting young talent to our industry – a major priority in 2020 according to experts. I reported that Canadian Print Scholarships awarded 68 new and returning students at five schools across Canada – the most the organization … Read more →

Taming the Inkjet Processing Tiger

The future of inkjet processing is sustainable. And, that’s extremely important in a mature business where market segments (newspapers and magazines) are declining and product quality and service differentiation (not price) are key success factors. For the past three years, a number of industry whitepapers published from competing manufacturers and graphic arts ‘think tanks’ confirmed … Read more →