2017 Year in Review

Wow, what a year – and it’s not over! While it’s impossible to chronicle all the important stories of 2017 in just a few pages, I’d like to humbly present my own personal selections for each month’s top stories in rapid fire. For December news, please visit graphicartsmag.com. JANUARY Jay Mandarino, President & CEO of … Read more →

Trends, trends, trends – and one that flew under the radar

Our industry is alive with creativity, innovation and emerging technologies. This year was no exception. Marketing research companies across the planet have forecast growth in just about every sector. They’ve looked at the disruptive paths of big data, document management, 3D printing, printed electronics, amazing new finishing technologies, textile printing, direct-to-object printing, wide format breakthroughs … Read more →

Have women really come far in this industry?

Thoughts and experiences on a complex topic Deborah Corn, the director of the Print Media Center in the U.S. and the self-styled Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, recently wrote a blog addressing sexual harassment in the industry. It’s getting a lot of attention and support all over the internet. “How many penises have you seen … Read more →

It’s all about tax fairness

Those who create the most jobs are getting penalized In July, the federal Liberals, by bringing forward Bill C-27, seemed to be accusing everyone in small business of taking advantage of our tax system. Proposed changes by Finance Minister Bill Morneau that would eliminate tax breaks for the middle class received tremendous blowback from small … Read more →

Career Focus Program Funding for skills upgrading

Do you want to expand your workforce but recognize that you will incur substantial skills training costs? This spring, the Government of Canada introduced the Career Focus Program to provide funding for employers to design and deliver a range of activities that enable youth to develop career required skills.  Career Focus aims to: increase the … Read more →

Hire a college intern and get up to $5,000 in funding

Here’s how to take advantage of this win-win opportunity If your company is looking for assistance you might want to consider hiring an intern from a college or university co-op program, as the federal government offers funding for giving these students valuable on-the-job work experience. Post-secondary co-op programs require that the student get practical experience … Read more →

A tale of two typefaces

Two examples that retain their identity from ink to pixels  It was the best of type, it was the worst of type… This is a tale of two typefaces: Mallory and Retina. Legendary type designer, Tobias Frere-Jones, created both with the goal of ensuring legibility at the most extreme sizes, in print and on screen. … Read more →

Five marvels of 3D printing

In just about every walk of life, 3D printing is redefining the boundaries of creativity while expanding the frontiers of what’s possible. Here’s but a glimpse of what caught our eye in the past year. There are literally thousands more fascinating stories to discover online. And be sure to check out our “3D Printing” category … Read more →

Considering 3D printing? Here’s what to think about

It looks like science fiction, but it’s trickier than it seems 3D printing is like something out of science fiction. By pressing a button, one can produce custom, intricately designed products using a variety of materials. In recent years, the process has evolved with technological innovations, unique applications, and integrations into both for-profit and not-for-profit … Read more →

For the record: Ruben Silva

It’s been eight years since Ruben Silva, Agfa’s Vice President, Sales and Managing Director, Canada, gazed into his crystal ball and forecast what was on the print horizon for 2010. Graphic Arts caught up with Ruben in August 2017 for his 2018 print industry forecast. C:  What’s on the economic radar for 2018? R: Optimism. … Read more →

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