SGIA draws over 24,000 to Las Vegas

As organizers prepare for Printing United trade show next year in Dallas The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) 2018 SGIA Expo (the last event before launching its much-anticipated Printing United tradeshow with NAPCO Media in 2019) attracted over 24,000 people to the Las Vegas Convention Center October 18–20. With 612 suppliers on the sold-out exhibit … Read more →

5 considerations for personalization and mail

Data is key.  It wins the reader’s attention and loyalty If digital advertising is Goliath, mail is the proverbial David, considered outdated, slow, and expensive compared to its digital counterparts. But there is a huge benefit to integrating variable-data-printed mail into an omnichannel marketing strategy. Think about it: mail reaches every Canadian; everyone at least … Read more →

Print 18 Wrap-up

Thousands from the print industry came together in Chicago from September 30 to  October 2 for Print 18, also the 50th year of operation for the event. More than 17,000 industry professionals attended the event, according to Print 18 owner, the Association for Print Technologies. The association supports the entire printing value chain in the … Read more →

Sales and marketing: How to do them best

Technology and a skilled workforce are must-haves for sales and marketing success  The history of print dates back to 3100 BC, when wedge-shaped marks were made on clay tablets by a blunt stylus cut from a reed. However it wasn’t until the early 1400s, when blacksmith and goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg made history as printer and publisher … Read more →

CPIA rises from the ashes

Newly restructured association brings renewed hope Like the mythical Arabian Phoenix rising from the ashes, the Canadian Printing Industries Association (CPIA, Toronto) has launched a newly restructured printing industry association in Canada. This is arguably the most uplifting and crucial announcement in our industry for quite some time. For far too long, the printing industry … Read more →

A new Gutenberg Bible and other musings

Print 18 and new association cause for good news  Let me ruminate on a few things this time out. First up, how would you like a reproduction of the book that started this industry?  Taschen, a Cologne-based publisher of fat, luscious, beautiful books that celebrate design, photography, fashion and other artistic endeavours, this summer released … Read more →

Printers have new stories to tell about businesses

Before you tell yours, make sure you consider these four things. A new generation of print buyers, with expectations for a true omni-channel experience, is providing new opportunities for printers. According to Pricewaterhouse Coopers, by 2020, the demand for an omnichannel customer experience will be amplified by the need for nearly perfect execution. One where each … Read more →

Stand out – create your own category of one

A message that resonates with customers is a valuable investment  Companies promise a lot of things. How often have you heard messages like, “We have great service,” “You’ll get quality printing with us,” or “We’re number one at [blank].” Of course, no one wants to advertise that they rank number three at something, but at … Read more →

An update on consumables and substrates

Pressroom chemicals Like oil and gas in your vehicle, pressroom chemicals are absolutely essential to the efficient running of an offset press. These can include fountain solutions and additives, alcohol replacements, press wash-up products (including roller and blanket washes) silicones (for heatset web presses) and specialty products such as roller deglazers, plate desensitizers, chrome roller … Read more →

Be lean: reduce waste, improve margins, sell more

How to make continuous improvement part of your business strategy This is the final article in our series on lean manufacturing for printers. This installment focuses on the structures and processes that reinforce production efficiency. In the first three articles we explored ways to identify and reduce some of the practical waste that occurs in … Read more →