How to take the stress out of planning your next tradeshow

Managing tradeshows and events is in every corporate marketer’s job description, whether it’s before, during or after the event. Your marketing team/person manages your company’s communications, brand, social and messaging and will parlay that into a well-integrated print and digital marketing campaign and follow-up strategy – including advertising, social media, lead generstion, press releases and … Read more →

The Best of Bindery

Part 5: Examples of automated die-cut folding Automated folding technology today has reached unprecedented levels of sophistication. Automation has also resulted in significantly reduced costs. The automated die-cut folded samples I selected below are not patented, though some do have multiple copyrighted names. Especially for longer runs, these precise folds can be extremely inexpensive. And … Read more →

Getting noticed

A few months ago I met with a group of business leaders to listen to a visiting expert present a session about how to manage e-mails, versus letting your e-mails manage you. Most of my colleagues discovered how to avoid e-mail distractions. What I heard was, “How to help others get noticed.” Avoiding e-mail distractions … Read more →

Copyright Ethics and Selling Media Online

Designers and creators are visual artists, and many thrive on sharing their content with the world, but copyright is a double-edged sword. Whether you are protecting yourself by choosing images or videos that are part of the public domain or purchased from stock repositories, you also need to be aware of your own rights when … Read more →

Offset Press Update: world’s leading equipment manufacturers remain strong – and involved

Today we’re inundated with advancements in digital printing technology. And though digital is definitely growing and presenting us with some amazing value-added options in terms of packaging, short runs and finishing, offset still rules the printing industry landscape – by a wide, wide margin! According to print industry research leader Smithers Pira, by 2022 digital … Read more →

The Lean Six Sigma effect

How adopting a Lean Six Sigma culture bolsters the value of your company Whether you’re looking for outside investment, considering selling your business, want to hand your business to the next generation, or simply want to grow your business while retaining more of the gross revenue, adopting a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) culture can help. … Read more →

Spaghetti diagrams

What do you call an incorrectly labeled spaghetti diagram? An impasta! Bad joke aside, spaghetti diagrams may be the answer to your space-planning woes. Simple to make and containing powerful insights, spaghetti diagrams help increase the efficiency of your office and manufacturing spaces with little more than pen and paper. Is your space in hot … Read more →

Colour Management setup and maintenace

A predictable colour management system can take time to set up but the rewards will come with reduced waste, less time chasing colour and more time printing. Set-Up It starts by confirming that all RIPs are using the same reference colour space. GRACoL has become the industry standard for digital and sheetfed devices. Check how … Read more →

Trust me, print is alive and well

Last month I attended Agfa Graphics’ wide-format open house at its Canadian headquarters and production facility in Mississauga, Ontario. Live demos of its Jeti Tauro, Jeti Mira and Anapurna models left no doubt as to the high quality of output from these sophisticated flatbeds. The next day I went to the opening of Epson’s first … Read more →