Sharks and Bankers

“Both sharks and bankers are good at the kill shot, but they’re happy to let their victims do most of the work.” If you believe the enticing advertisements, the softest caress comes from your compassionate banker. In business, the relationship between lender and borrower is as old as time. It is a relationship that runs … Read more →

Safety Equals Success

It was an ordinary day in manufacturing. There was product being printed and work being made ready for customers in finishing. It wasn’t until an employee walked outside near shipping and receiving did the day become extraordinary.  There, on the ground in the snow, a truck driver was lying outside of his cab having a … Read more →

3D Printing News

This month: 3D Scanning Whatever your application may be, the one thing you will always need for ANY 3D print is a functional 3D design file. You can design the file from scratch using CAD (or any of the various 3D design software programs), but you’ll quickly discover that this process is labourious and requires … Read more →

Improving your products and processes? There is funding help available

At the end of April, 2015, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) revised its Eligibility of Work for SR&ED Investment Tax Credits Policy with significant new “clarifications”. For the first time since the program was introduced in 1992, the term scientific method no longer applies to the SR&ED program. In what this author considers a confirming acknowledgement of … Read more →

The world of 3D bioprinting

We first started reporting on breakthroughs in medical 3D printing in July 2011, so we wanted to revisit this technology to see how things are progressing. Since July 2011, 3D printing has made some tremendous strides in the medical field: models of stints, artificial limbs and replacement skulls can now all be replicated using this … Read more →

Impressions from EskoWorld 2015

This was only my second EskoWorld user group conference but colour me impressed twice in a row! This year’s event was held in Scottsdale, Arizona, surrounded by red clay, insanely tall cacti and beautiful pools to help tame the three-digit heat wave. The sessions covered a broad area of topics catering to all types of … Read more →

Safety First

This month we focus on safety. While there are many topics in our industry that may go in and out of style, safety should always remain a top priority. Diana Brown takes a very practical look at what you must do and should do at you plant to ensure everyone is safe. It is absolutely critical … Read more →

View from the publisher – July 2015

I’d like to thank our growing readership this month – readers of our printed magazines, digital editions and weekly e-newsletters. But most of all, I’d like to thank all the visitors to our website. In the past year, according to Google Analytics, it’s experienced a growth in unique monthly visitors of 45% compared to the same … Read more →

Logo Literacy

Starting or growing a printing business is an exciting, frustrating, rewarding, and arduous experience. In today’s marketplace, establishing a powerful and memorable brand is essential for any company’s success.  While most experts agree what branding is, few give the logo its due respect. In my experience, a logo sets the stage for all of your … Read more →

Change is the Only Constant

Regardless of the print segment you may be in, there’s no debating the impact that inkjet has had on the printing industry. In recent years, two of the most promising areas, both for revenue growth and value added service offering, have been large format and digital printing. Some companies started small and grew, expanding as … Read more →

When should you fire a salesperson?

I’ve written a lot over the years about hiring salespeople, specifically about making better hiring decisions than much of the printing industry has. This month, I want to deal with a sort-of-related topic: the question of when to fire a salesperson. Short Answer The short answer to that question is that you should fire a salesperson … Read more →