Alice Receptionist now available in Canada through Konica Minolta

WinTech, a U.S.-based privately-held technology company, has announced that it will partner with Konica Minolta Canada to offer the Alice Receptionist to Canadian businesses. The technology offers companies another option from the traditional office environment by enhancing the overall visitor experience. Alice Receptionist is “a new solution for today’s workplace environment that allows companies to … Read more →

Konica Minolta debuts all-encompassing marketing planning and analytics platform

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. has launched a marketing planning and analytics platform that brings disparate marketing plans together, and allows multiple users to easily collaborate in developing and maintaining plans – complete with advanced analytics. Traditionally, a marketing campaign plan is laid out in spreadsheets or budgeting software, which creates difficulties in determining costs … Read more →

LinkedIn launches Video for Sponsored Content and Company Pages to better engage audiences

According to a recent internal LinkedIn study, over 46% of B2B (Business-To-Business) advertisers surveyed said that finding a quality environment in which to reach target audiences when running their video campaigns on other platforms was a major challenge. Based on this and other feedback, LinkedIn has announced two major updates that let users utilize sight, … Read more →

Curveball Printed Media launches WiFi-enabled Video Brochures

U.K.-based print specialist Curveball Printed Media has announced the launch of its first WiFi-enabled video brochures with Android Operating System and touchscreen user interface. “The second generation of video brochures has arrived. Our customers can now update brochures already in the hands of their customers by uploading content over the Internet using a desktop app,” … Read more →

MindFire to offer its marketing platform to Canon customers

Dave Rosendahl.

MindFire, a leader in developing and delivering innovative software and services within the Marketing Automation market, has entered into a reseller agreement with Canon Solutions America, a provider of industry-leading enterprise, production and large-format printing solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, Canon Solutions America will offer MindFire’s cloud-based marketing platform, MindFire Studio, to help … Read more →

Minuteman Press launches franchise marketing campaign

Minuteman Press International (Farmingdale, New York) a leading design, marketing and printing franchise, has launched its new marketing campaign, We Are The Modern Printing Industry, designed to raise awareness about how it’s embraced the advancements in print technology “in order to print on more products than ever before.” The marketing campaign also speaks to the … Read more →

Ricoh unveils enhancements to its Clickable Paper

Ricoh has unveiled new features for its Clickable Paper, characterizing the upgrades as “the latest strategic investment for the future of print and augmented reality (AR) applications.” Clickable Paper leverages Ricoh Visual Search image recognition technology to enable communications to reach beyond the printed page – by linking printed materials to rich, online media sources such … Read more →

Five tips for successful distributor partnerships

Jeff Greene has been CEO of New-York-based Announcement Converters for 15 years. The company was founded in 1972 in Hialeah, Florida as a division of American Business Card, a large trade themographer located in New York City which began operating in 1924. During that time he’s headed the company’s expansion into an international supplier of … Read more →

Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends explores potential of personalized video in customer communications

As customer communications simultaneously expands into new digital channels and becomes more personalized, Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends has embarked on a dedicated global study into consumer interest in receiving personalized videos. The new study encompasses consumer insights from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. “Personalized videos, or video messages enriched with individualized customer … Read more →