New Curvature Pen tool to be added to photoshop

With a major new release of Creative Cloud expected later this year, Adobe has revealed a new and improved version of Illustrator’s Curvature Tool for Photoshop CC, which is designed to make drawing much easier. A short video posted on Adobe’s official YouTube channel ( shows the new Curvature Pen tool in action. The pen can be accessed via the current Pencil Tool, and will enable users to click to add points that automatically form a smooth, curved shape. There’ll be no need to swap tools – users just click, double-click and adjust lines for their desired shape.

Bottom line: Graphic designers, photographers and other creatives will be able to create paths much more easily, effortlessly and consistently. Before, if you wanted to create or select a shape or image that was irregular, you’d be forced to work with with minuscule straight lines while adjusting and re-adjusting the curves to create your path. With the new tool, you can select your item quickly, then easily move and remove aspects of your design or photo in minutes. While no set date for the launch was revealed by Adobe, the Curvature Pen tool will likely be one of several new features coming to Photoshop CC by the end of 2017, according to industry experts.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.