Quark Software offering free callas pdfToolbox with QuarkXPress 2017 upgrade

Quark has announced a new software bundle that will save designers $590 when upgrading to QuarkXPress 2017. The new bundle offer allows users with any version of QuarkXPress – even versions 3 through 10, 2015 and 2016 – to receive callas pdfToolbox, the most powerful PDF application on the market (worth $590) free when they upgrade to QuarkXPress 2017 or purchase a new license. Callas pdfToolbox is an easy-to-use PDF preflight and correction application designed to replace Acrobat Professional in the creative workflow. It enables graphic designers to:

  • Fix PDF issues during preflight or with a click of the button in the Switchboard.
  • Flatten transparencies.
  • Convert fonts to outlines.
  • Convert office documents, or even PostScript, directly into PDFs.
  • Compare versions of PDFs and visualize ink coverage.

The software bundle is available until Tuesday, October 31, 2017 with the purchase of a new full version or upgrade to QuarkXPress 2017.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.