Mohawk releases Issue 13 of its Mohawk Maker Quarterly

Mohawk, North America’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fine papers, envelopes and specialty substrates for commercial and digital printing, has released the 13th edition of its celebrated Mohawk Maker Quarterly. Each issue of relies on a single word for its creative framework. In issue 13, that word is “disruption.” Consistent with the ongoing strategy behind the publication, Issue 13 “seeks to provide thought-provoking inspiration for graphic designers around the world through engaging content and well-considered design on paper,” the company said. “Issue thirteen may have been the most challenging issue to date. That’s because the term ‘disruption’ is so commonly used that it’s lost its meaning. Bandied about business culture as the term-du-jour, the word has earned more than a few eye rolls – and for good reason. Despite this troublesome ubiquity, disruption’s essence of exploration, discovery and revolution are successfully recaptured in issue 13. To do this, the team at Hybrid Design went looking for thinkers and doers who are upending the world as we know it. These iconoclasts are re-framing the way we consider such basic concepts as time, ownership and success. They’re also redefining images, spaces and perceptions in radical ways,” said Mohawk.

For issue 13, which includes several fascinating features, the team at Hybrid chose a 9.75” x 13.25” format which is perfect-bound and affixed to a cover/carrier featuring a tear strip which (metaphorically) forces the reader to “disrupt” the cover to gain access to the content. Inside, a pocket holds a one-of-a-kind 9″ x 12” art print along with a small, 5.5″ x 8.5” zine, as well as the main book that is tape-bound. Each element in this issue could be a standalone print and paper demonstration. The cover/carrier features mirror foil and rich, black print along with structural, die-cut elements that evoke packaging. The main book is all about conventional offset printing at its finest on Mohawk’s flagship Superfine Eggshell. The zine insert uses three very different types of Mohawk paper along with simple offset printing alongside UV white ink and 4-colour printing. And last but not least the 9″ x 12” art print captures printing disruption at its 2017-best using HP Mosaic randomization software to create 20,000 one-of-a-kind, numbered art prints imaged on Superfine Eggshell i-Tone and printed on an HP Indigo 12000 press.

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue 13 was printed by Sandy Alexander (Clifton, NJ) using four-colour printing, match blue, match fluorescent pink, match fluorescent purple, white UV inks, and spot dull varnish. Foil stamping and bindery were completed by Mid Island Bindery (Farmingdale, NY).


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.