Axaio unveils MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers for Adobe CC 2018

Axaio software, a leading developer of solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, has announced the availability of MadeForLayers and MadeToPrint for Adobe’s newest InDesign version CC 2018. Both products support processing steps metadata for a standardized layer operation in the new version. The Server version of MadeToPrint has been updated by a new user interface. Axaio MadeForLayers is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator that helps to streamline and simplify the creation and editing of complex documents. It reduces human errors while working with layer-heavy documents – and therefore saves design time. Different layers can be combined into layer views, showing different languages or regional variants of a document, all with one click. When using in MadeForLayers (as a free part of MadeToPrint), different layer views can automatically be printed or exported to PDF, instantly creating faultless output for all different language or regional versions. MadeForLayers was extended by the support of additional metadata called ‘processing steps’. The new option is also accessible through the layer handling in MadeToPrint.

InDesign layers can now have both regular metadata and processing steps metadata attached to them. This creates the possibility to add standardized terms to each layer to help identify the layer in subsequent processing steps in the workflow. Examples include easily identifying a die line, varnish objects or braille, in a document. The standardization is based on the upcoming ISO standard 19593, which defines the use of PDF to associate processing steps and content data. The processing steps metadata is filled out for each layer using the MadeForLayers panel, and is then retained in the layout application. Using MadeToPrint, the metadata is transferred automatically into the PDF for output export. For the MadeToPrint Server, there’s a new user interface for easier set-up of the server’s configuration. The old user interface, which was based on Adobe AIR and Flash Player, has been replaced by a native application. This makes it more stable and better performing, and paves the way for further flexible development based on specific customer needs. A free 30-day trial version of MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers for Adobe InDesign CC 2018 is available on the Axaio website and can be used without any restrictions.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.