Quark debuts Adobe InDesign IDML Import in QuarkXPress 2017

Quark Software has announced a new update to QuarkXPress 2017 called the QuarkXPress 2017 January 2018 Update. The free update includes the first look at Quark’s new Adobe InDesign IDML Import feature. The new IDML Import in QuarkXPress 2017 is a beta version of functionality that will help designers convert InDesign documents to QuarkXPress with as little effort as possible. Beta means that development of the new Adobe InDesign IDML Import feature is not 100% finalized, and may not be 100% stable at the time of its release. However, all other functionality of the QuarkXPress 2017 January 2018 Update includes production quality and is recommend for every user of QuarkXPress 2017, said the company.

IDML is the open file format of InDesign that can be exported in several ways. While designers can use QuarkXPress to convert PDF files into native QuarkXPress objects, or copy InDesign objects to QuarkXPress, during this conversion style-sheet names and master pages get lost. With IDML Import, InDesign files are converted directly into editable QuarkXPress objects that retain attributes such as style-sheet names and master pages contained in the IDML file.

Matthias Günther.
Matthias Günther.

Matthias Günther, Director of Quark’s Desktop Business Unit, added: “Today, more and more InDesign users are switching to QuarkXPress, especially since Quark offers the ‘Competitive Upgrade’ from InDesign to QuarkXPress. When switching, often a big requirement is to recreate InDesign layouts in QuarkXPress, which can be fairly time-consuming. With the new beta of our IDML Import, our goal is to make life as easy as possible for designers. IDML Import is smart functionality – and we invite our QuarkXPress 2017 users to download the update, test the new feature, and let us know about their experiences and where we can still improve,” Günther added. Users of QuarkXPress 2017 can download the new, free QuarkXPress 2017 January 2018 Update for Mac and Windows, which also contains ‘bug fixes’ to further improve stability and quality. A free trial is also available on the Quark website.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.