Crown Brand Building Packaging of Mexico wins the Colored by INX Can Design Contest

INDIO Beer’s Pueblos de México Unido Edición Muertos received 795 (or 74%) of the 1,076 votes that were cast in the INX Can Deisgn Contest.

Crown Brand-Building Packaging has won the inaugural Colored by INX Can Design Contest – in a landslide! Its entry, INDIO Beer’s Pueblos de México Unido Edición Muertos, received 795 of the votes conducted on the INX International Ink Company’s Facebook page from April 6-13 of this year. INDIO is a dark beer that has been brewed and sold in Mexico since 1893. Representing a huge 74% of the 1,076 votes that were cast, INDIO’s promotional label used bright, saturated colours to create a contrast that emulated the importance of this celebration to all Mexicans. As with all contest entries, eligibility required use of the INX Metal Color Catalogue and no less than two colours from the INX Color Perfection Library.

“Our client was able to compare and select different colour samples visualizing combinations, while increasing the speed in the design process from the start,” said Esveydi Rossano, Graphic Designer for Crown. “Having the INX Color Catalogue allowed us to have more control over the digital file. It also allowed us to orient and direct the client from the start, and avoided needing many pilot tests which saved us a lot of time. We took advantage of the vast spectrum of colours in the catalogye to make our products stand out with the different transparent, opaque and bright varieties of colors.” The Crown Brand-Building Packaging design won the popular vote over four other entries from 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Brooklyn Brewery, National Beverage Corporation and Two Chicks Cocktails.

Renee Schouten.

“With this being the first year of the contest, our panel of judges was very pleased with the quality of the designs we received from can makers and beverage brand owners and designers,” said Renee Schouten, Director of Marketing for INX International Ink Company. “With the new update later this year that will increase the INX Metal Color Catalogue to over 600 removable metal colour swatches, we anticipate even greater interest for our contest in 2021.” Schouten added that INX management would present the engraved trophy to Crown Brand Building Packaging officials “when the COVID-19 situation allows it.”