Santa Cruz Software releases technology to eliminate issues with version control

Santa Cruz Software (Santa Cruz, California), a global leader in software development for cross-media content publishing, recently showcased its LinkrUI and Dynamic Templates support for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) at the Adobe Summit, The Digital Experience Conference, that began online March 31. LinkrUI synchronizes Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign digital assets for design teams with their Digital Asset Manager (DAM) system, other hosted storage hubs, and now with AEM. The software developer accomplishes this by eliminating the need for designers and creatives to “hassle with version control” since the AEM interface is integrated into their favourite Adobe apps. This ensures that design teams work with the most current version of an asset by automatically syncing with AEM. In fact, if the asset is changed in any of the Adobe applications or in the DAM, all team members will be notified.

Mark Hilton.

Santa Cruz Software’s Dynamic Templates enable companies to manage their brands by creating customized Adobe InDesign templates that can be edited and localized by field-marketing and salespeople based on their local needs using just a web browser. Brand managers can each determine which elements within the InDesign template can be edited and decide on the variations allowed. Also, Dynamic Templates are pure InDesign from start to final results, so designers don’t need to learn new systems, the company added. “We were proud to showcase both LinkrUI and Dynamic Templates at Adobe Summit this year,” said Mark Hilton, CEO of Santa Cruz Software. “We’re confident that these powerful products will deliver tremendous value for professional Adobe users and companies that use AEM across the globe. Essentially, they’ll provide a major boost to the productivity of creative professionals, making an immediate impact on their everyday workflow.”

Santa Cruz Software connects the Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign) to other Cloud Services. The software provider is a leader in ‘multi-tenant’ Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions (hosted or on-premise) that are integrated into cloud storage and DAM applications (Adobe AEM, Box, Brandfolder, Bynder, Canto, Cloudinary, Dropbox, Intelligence Bank, Tenovos and Widen), eCommerce sites, and other third-party solutions. Its solutions range from integratable Dynamic Templates based upon Adobe InDesign (PrintUI), DAM connectors for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign (LinkrUI), and turnkey collateral/campaign portals (BrandingUI).